Easy Chain and Bead Necklace

As a Jesse James Beads Design Ambassador, I receive a ton of fabulous beads, findings, charms, buttons, and chains. But, admittedly, some of it lingers in my stash because it feels too precious to work with, too perfect already. This is precisely the case with the Chain Reaction strands. These strands contain interesting metal links interspersed with wire-wrapped crystals. They can easily be a necklace or a bracelet on their own. So, I struggle. But, in an attempt to push myself this year and be BRAVE (my Word of the Year). I moved some of the chains around on my desk until this super simple design jumped out at me.

The skills needed to make it were little more than knowing how to open and close a jump ring and how to make a wrapped loop. And, I only need a few jump rings, a clasp, and a headpin to pull it together. I'll talk you through it in the video.

The video also contains some real-life moments too: cats fighting, dog barking, and me being unprepared. But, that's how inspired I was to create this piece. I couldn't wait for the "perfect time" to make it work. It had to be made right then!

I've already got a few more ideas of what to create with some of the other many strands of Chain Reaction in my stash. But, I'd also love to know what would you make with this neat chain. You can see a few more examples of it in the video. 

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  1. Yes, I understand how a ready-made component is self-sufficient but you want to make it yours. The crystals look so right in this very elegant necklace.


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