In the CraftyHope Booth at SAA

 I just got back from updating the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope with new goodies. And, I figured you deserved a peek, even if you can't make it to the area to score any of these. Perhaps the eye candy will inspire you in some way. 

The pearl teardrops in these are salvaged and altered for a more aged feel.

Most of the beads in these earrings were also salvaged from old jewelry.

 I had to create something with these thrifted (estate sale) heart beads before Valentine's Day.

You can watch me create these in a reel on Instagram. All the beads are from Jesse James Beads.

There are also a few pieces from my most recent Bead Box reveal.
This may be the only necklace I took up there from the bead box.

These Safari earrings were just one of several that made it up there from the bead box.

I can't forget about this beauty.
And, this necklace from my video tutorial is available. 

One of the big things I just added to the booth are these Jewelry Grab Bags.
As you can see on my little sign, each bag has at least three items handmade by me. And, each bag is only five bucks!

Other new-ish treasures you might find in the booth are Inspiration Jars like this. 
My inspiration jars are full of beads, old and broken jewelry, chain, and other bits. I just have far too much of it to keep for myself. 

In addition to what I've featured here, there are tons of other earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in the booth. 

If you happen to be in South Alabama, I invite you to swing by Southern Antiques and Accents! In addition to my little booth, there are thousands of square feet of other booths full of treasures to be discovered. 


  1. Hello, Do you have a video on how to make hoop earrings with wire?

    1. Hi, Shayne! That is an excellent question. However, since I don't often make hoops with wire (not traditional hoops anyway), it is not something I've made into a tutorial. I really appreciate the question. It does give me something to think on. Thanks!


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