Art Journal and Mixed Media Videos from December

 Happy New Year, y'all!!

I'm hoping to get back on track with balancing blogging and videos and Instagram and all the things. But, we all know it's a tightrope walk. So, I will not promise anything - just my hope. Let me finish last year by sharing the art journal and mixed media projects that I shared on YouTube in December. As is to be expected, the bulk is my #CraftyHopePrompts - a project I created for myself to build up and use a prompt deck. You can learn more about it in the videos. 

Card 10: Flower, Doodle, Napkin

Project 10: Canvas Board Art

Card 11: Stick, Sewing Machine, Gold

Project 11: Found Object Assemblage

Card 12: Sparkle, Watercolor, Cut

Project 12: Gift Tags

Card 13: Indigo, Letter/Number Stamp, Scribble

Project 13: Junk Journal Spread

Because December was a busy month, I only got one other project completed in this realm: my Mixed Media Menagerie art journal spread.

Mixed Media Menagerie December - Art Journal Spread

The card for Week 14 of #CraftyHopePrompts is already up for this week too, if you're interested in playing along. Hopefully, I'll be back here soon with more variety. 

If you wouldn't mind, I'd LOVE to know what you'd like to see more of here. What you're missing from my posts. What you come here for. Let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail! 

Once again, Happy New Year!

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