Bead Box 13 - Reveal

I have to admit that I thought I would work through this bead box MUCH faster than I did. I was excited by quite a few of the designs. But, I also decided to leave the box for its original intent: to be used when I was away from the house or when my inspiration was suffering. "What is this Bead Box?," you ask. Well, it's a basic plastic craft organizer with 17 compartments that I use to hold the elements of pre-designed jewelry pieces. As stated above, I work on these pieces when I travel or just don't have the inspiration to create something else. I stocked this version of the box MONTHS ago, and have finally finished it. You'll find links to the other versions below. 

Here's what I created!

I really love how this French Bubble Necklace came together. It was listed on Etsy but just recently sold. It's a simple design that I recreate later with some of my other soldered bubbles. 

These Sailing Away Earrings really just fell together. They're available on Etsy. 

How precious are these Pink Garden Earrings? They were listed on Etsy but have since sold.

I've left this pair of earrings unfinished as I've decided they're a bit overworked, and I just don't like them. It happens.

You can find this unique pair of Blue Cups Earrings on Etsy. They came together easily as most of the metalwork had already been done before they went into the box. 

The movement in these Loops and Scrolls Earrings really makes me smile. I do love anything with some bead dangles. They're available on Etsy. 

This simple necklace made from a found ceramic shard, jade green beads, and silver chain was just recently added to the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents. Oh, and in case you don't follow me elsewhere, I just announced a 20% off sale in the booth through Thanksgiving!

I've really been loving my charms made from gelli prints and glass pebbles. This one was accented easily with amethysts and gunmetal-colored beads. Find this Amethyst Dangle Necklace on Etsy. 

While I do love this Found Collection Necklace and had listed it on Etsy. It's come down for a few days to be altered as I realized that the chain is WAYYYYYY short. It needs a bead or two added and will then head back to Etsy. 

This mixed metal Button Collections Bracelet has landed in the Etsy shop. I am such a fan of its simplicity and ability to match just about anything. 

I am beyond tickled with how well these Blue Scrolls Earrings came together. Their separate layers that make them up gives them loads of fun sway movement. They're in the Etsy shop.

This pretty bracelet began as an odd mix of beads and charms. I'm hoping to get it listed in the Etsy shop later today. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here's another one of those soldered gelli prints that's been turned into a necklace. I've aptly named it Gelli Bubble Necklace in the Etsy Shop. 

Alas, here's another design that was abandoned and unfinished. I realized too late that I just didn't have enough beads to turn this into the bracelet I wanted it to be. It may end up in the next version of the Bead Box with a few more beads. First, I have to decide if it needs to be disassembled. Sigh. 

I don't make many tassel necklaces like this, and I'm not sure why that is. This beauty came together pretty easily and can now be found in the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents

As I was pulling this Castle Key Necklace together, the name came to me. It's definitely fit for royalty and is available in the Etsy shop. 

And, this was my last piece. I needed less beads than I thought. It will be listed on Etsy once I can get some photos of it (sorry this one's so lousy!)

And, that was Bead Box 13. Here are all the other Bead Box versions, if you're interested. 

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  1. The soldered baubles are so eye-catching! It's hard to pick a favorite among so many and diverse items, though :)


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