Bead Box 8 - Reveal

I'm not sure how I feel about it taking me over two months to work my way through my latest Bead Box. I guess the uncertainty of our situation has me stuck, plus, #The100DayProject kept me occupied plenty of the time. Before I reveal the final results, let me quickly explain my Bead Box. 

The box itself is a simple 17-compartment plastic craft organizer. Into each of the sections, I place the elements to make a jewelry design. When I'm away from the house or uninspired, I can dip into the box to have something to work on. I've been stocking and revealing my projects for almost three years now. (How is that possible?) This is the eighth version of the box. I'll have links at the bottom to all the other versions 

And, here are the designs I created (and decided against creating.)
The elements for this Green Vine Necklace had been gathered for years. It took me turning the pendant upside down to finally SEE how it should come together. You can find it on Etsy. 

The second and third designs in the box were a few pairs of earrings. For both of them, as soon as I began pulling them together, I realized how much I didn't like them and immediately stopped working on them. It was tough to make those calls, but I knew the designs just didn't suit my style.

Design four was this Be Fearless necklace that was a cinch to pull together. It's available in my booth at Southern Antiques and Accents (SAA).

It didn't take long to pull these Vintage Rose Earrings together. They were recently added to the Etsy shop. 

I've been itching to get this necklace design complete. However, there were a few hiccups before it finally came together. I'm hoping to list it on Etsy soon. 

This pretty little necklace wasn't in the Etsy Shop long before it sold.

Design eight was another one of those that I decided against completing. It was supposed to be a simple bracelet. However, on further reflection, I realized that it was very much like another bracelet I had made that was still lingering around without selling. So, I'll hold off on it for now. Though, I may keep the components together for another time.

I JUST got this Soldered Colorful Turquoise Necklace in the Etsy shop the other day. I adore designs with this much color in them as it means it can brighten up almost any outfit. 

The design for this Watch Case Necklace was a little funky and had to be sketch out for me to remember how to pull it together. It came together beautifully. Almost all of the elements in it are salvaged and upcycled. It's available online in the Etsy shop. 

I'm a sucker for simple elements that can be pulled together into a timeless design. That was the case with these earrings that recently hit the shelves at the SAA booth. And, as of a few days ago, they've sold.

Very much like the previous pair of earrings, these are just simple little things. They were also at the antique store booth and sold within days. 

These Violet Arch Earrings are less simple than the previous earrings, so I listed them in the Etsy shop where you can still find them. 

I'm tickled by the fun elements in this necklace that was only recently completed. The bobbin works perfectly as a fidget element. This is destined for the Etsy shop. 

I couldn't wait to get to this necklace and begin pulling all the elements together. But, I think I built it up too much in my head so when I finally got to it, it lingered on my desk for days! I ended up adding a few beads that weren't in my bead box to help get it to the length I thought it needed to be. I think it's lovely and will be listing it on Etsy. 

Speaking of lovely, these earrings turned out almost exactly as I had imagined. I did end up switching out the crystal beads I had planned with them for the ones I ended up using. These should be in the CraftyHope Etsy Shop soon. 

This last pair of earrings utilize some reproduction clock hands. Isn't that fun?  I'll add them to the booth at the antique store in the next week or so. 

So, that's it for Bead Box 8. I've got a few items on my desk at the moment, but hope to start working on stocking up Box 9 just as soon as possible. 
Here are the links to all the previous boxes, if you're interested. 

I'd love to hear which of these are your favorites and what you'd like to see in the next Bead Box.


  1. I just love that first necklace with the bright green and brass. What a fabulous combo!! And yes, those repro watch hands make great earrings! This box is full of successes!

    1. Ann, Thank you! Like I said somewhere before, I've been toting around that focal with those beads for ages and just couldn't seem to bring them together until now. I knew they belonged together, and I'm so happy you think so too! Thank you so much!

  2. I can't really pick up a favorite but as expected, the shadow box and the tin necklaces have turned out very beautiful. Of the earrings, the vintage rose pair is my favorite :)

  3. Replies
    1. Aw, thank you Kathy! That means so much to me.


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