Thrifty Thursday - Hauls from May and June

Like my last haul reveal, my thrifting has been limited because of my concern for others and self-limiting exposure during this Covid-19 crisis. But, I did bring home a few thrifty items over the last two months. In May, it was all about the Dollar Tree as I would go there for a few things I NEEDED and happen upon other fun items.
On my first trip there for a few cosmetic items, I happened upon an updated craft section that stopped me in my tracks. The above pictures are just a few of the items I picked up.

When I went again for bubble mailers, I grabbed a couple more items.

When the library re-opened with limitations, they had their "Free Books" shelves outside. I couldn't help but indulge myself.
I mean...FREE BOOKS!

I went a second time.

And when the neighbors had a yard sale, I couldn't resist walking over to stand in their yard and look at what they were selling. I had my mask and everything.
And, I scored this amazing vintage sheet!

As more restrictions loosened, before Alabama began spiking, I hit a couple of antique malls one day. Rest assured, I had my mask and hand sanitizer and kept my distance. And, I came home with two yearbooks.
 I got the 1944 and 1945 versions of this school's book because a couple of pages, in particular, CRACKED ME UP! I was giggling like a madwoman in the store.

You'll have to watch my May & June Thrifty Haul Video to see what tickled me so much and to see my reveal of the full array of thrifty scores.

I know, going out to pick up a few yearbooks during this crisis was a little silly. I'm working on being a better example. Each new day is a chance to be a better person. And, I've been lucky enough to have those days so I best appreciate them.

I hope y'all are staying in good health and making better decisions than I am. But, if you have been out thrifting...find anything good?


  1. I haven't done any thrifting, but I was tempted. A local store had a vintage kitchenware sale scheduled in March, and it got canceled. They rescheduled it for a couple of weeks ago when thing were doing better here. Ultimately, I decided not to go this time, which turned out to be good because stats have become much worse. But as long as you were out, it was fun seeing your things! Those yearbooks are a find!

    1. Ann, Stats here have skyrocketed, and I've done my best to stay away from public places other than the grocery store this month. So, I understand you staying away as well. I really do want to run back to that antique mall for more of the yearbooks since the guy said he'd make me a deal, but I just can't bring myself to risk my health and the health of those in my household for some old books right now. It's tough to make the right decisions, but I'm doing my best.
      Wishing you well.


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