Peek at My Week (July 5-11)

The weeks continue to fly by, and I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad one. But, I try to take a little time to appreciate each day that I'm given. I hope you do too. 
On Sunday, I noticed this discoloration on one of my hydrangeas. While I think it's striking, I'm fairly sure it's sick (can you see the black spots on the leaves?) I've gotten some advice on Facebook about how to handle it. 

At some point the week before last, I made a batch of ramen and we ended up eating the leftovers on Sunday. 
While it's an easy and delicious meal, it takes a TON of pots to get this simple soup made: one for the broth, one for the noodles, one for the eggs... See what I  mean. 

As usual, Monday was all about knocking out the errands like grocery shopping. But, on Tuesday, I was able to divert my attention some. 
While out with Zoe, I spied this bent mushroom. I can only assume that the stem could no longer support the head. 

I also made a run to Southern Antiques and Accents to add a few items to the booth. While there, I took a few minutes to poke around the other booths. I discovered an old autograph book in one that almost came home with me. The most unique thing about it was this page toward the back. 
How neat is that!?

I tried to knock quite a few things off my list on Wednesday including some picture-taking outside in the natural light.
I hate to wait between thunderstorms to get the opportunity. And, when I had the chance, it was too humid for my good camera lens. I ended up just using my phone outside and getting a few other shots back in the house near a window. 

I also walked around a little looking for flowers in the yard as a reminder that we do have a few things that bloom in the summer.
Most of our flowers in South Alabama are out in the Spring. It's just too hot in the summer for them.

On Thursday, I visited with my mom and niece as my niece needed someone with her for a dentist appointment. But, on Friday, I was back home and finally able to get close enough to this baby to take a picture.
We've all seen this baby bunny for days. It's just over a handful big and so stinkin' cute! 

On Saturday, we indulged in some pool time as relief from the unbearable heat. But, I didn't get any pictures of that to share. I was able to keep on track with my #The100DayProject all week. 
For Day 90, I was just slapping down scraps of paper from my desk. I made sure to include the doily that was assigned to that day. 

I really just played around on Day 91 also. The border stamps were all that needed to be on the page, but I decided to play with watercolor crayons and lots of mark-making too. 

I started to get back into gear on Day 92, but it took a lot of layers to get there. The gelatos that I needed to use were put down pretty early and are mostly covered up. But, they add to the layers.

Watercolors were all I needed to use for Day 93. I started with blobs and marks then moved to the face.

Some of my precious ledger papers needed to go into art on Day 94. While I was in a rush that day, I let myself take a little time to get this one just right. 

I never seem to use my alcohol inks in my art journals or on paper in general. So, I made an effort to just play and experiment with them on book pages for Day 95. Then, I cut circles from one of those pages to use in my journal. It worked out nicely.

This hot mess was the result of Day 96's attempt to layer two stencils. I just wasn't feeling it at all and finally just made myself finish it up with the sticker. 

I can't believe it's down to the last several days of the project. I'm not sure what will come next. I may try to continue to work in my journals each day, but I may also need to take a break to actually get some jewelry made. We'll see. I guess I need to make that decision soon. Ha!

Here's some inspiration from elsewhere on the internet.

I've been working on this post for hours and keep getting distracted. I think it's time to just get it posted. I hope you're staying inspired to create. Let me know what you've found that sparks your creativity!


  1. Hope - I just fell down a rabbit hole looking at Helen Ahpornsini's work. It's astonishing! And people say seed bead work is fiddly....

    1. YES! Those botanical collages are amazing. I couldn't imagine trying to get all those little leaves to bend perfectly to make those straight lines in so many case. And, the glue probably sticks to everything.! I'm so glad you like her work too. It makes me feel better about sharing work like hers here.


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