Hollow - AE July Theme Challenge Reveal

The moment I saw the Art Elements July Theme of "Hollow", I was stricken with the realization that it could be interpreted in so many ways. Just some of the images/connotations that came to mind included an empty vessel, a nook or open space, an echo chamber, the feeling of being empty of lacking substance/drained, and a location like "Sleepy Hollow". Of course, in my usual fashion, I pushed these ideas away for "later in the month". sigh. I had one idea in particular that came to mind almost immediately, but it took weeks for me to get to it, and then it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. We'll get to it at the end of this post.

The one idea that did work is so simple, it pales next to the expansive theme. But, I kinda love it. 
These earrings feature some of my most favorite beads ever: those hollow bone beads with the dots carved all over them. I simply topped them with Czech glass beads in a mercury glass color and formed a loop with the wire at the bottom to further echo the hollow/empty theme. 

I can't get over how simple but stunning they are. 
And, though they'll likely head to my Etsy shop today (they're there now as Hollow Earrings if you want to see ALL the pictures of them), I have to admit that I've worn them several times already. 

I'm aware that this is a beyond-basic interpretation of the theme.
But, they do go with it!

As for my other idea, I finally broke down a few days ago and had a go at it.
I wanted to turn pairs of tin discs into puffed vessels of a sort by doming them, clipping the top and bottom, and soldering them together. 

The clipped top and bottom gave me a little space to add something into the vessel. 

I was working with flower beads on headpins for a really neat design when this (below) happened.
My copper tape failed and the domes came apart! I'm not really sure if it was the type of tin, the tape itself, my own failure to burnish well, over-handling the tin, or something else entirely. However, I still really like this idea and have brainstormed a few ideas with my husband on how to make vessels like this using cold connection techniques as well as sealing it better with the solder. So, I will likely try at it again another time. 

For now, I'll enjoy my super simple hollow-inspired earrings and hope that you do too.
Plus, I'd still like to explore the idea of hollow in a few other mediums like my art journal and perhaps even an assemblage piece!

Thank you to Marsha for the inspiring theme. I am sorry I don't have more to offer this month. Make sure to head over to the Art Elements Community on Facebook. There, you'll find the July Theme: Hollow Album with the images and links of the other artists who took on this theme with much more exciting results. 


  1. I think maybe because of the Bone beads, it does have a Sleepy hollow (show) or Halloween vibe to it as the beads do look like skulls.

    1. Divya, Yeah, I totally get the "creepy cool" vibe with these myself. I think that's why I had to add the faceted glass beads - to take it down a notch!

  2. Your earrings are perfect for the inspiration and I am sure they will fly out of your shop.

    1. Kathy, Aw, thank you! I really appreciate that so much :)


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