Bead Box 8 - Stocked

Never one to be too idle, I like to keep a supply of pre-designed jewelry elements on hand in a basic, plastic craft organizer. I simply refer to it as my Bead Box. Initially, it was created to carry with me and use when I'm away from the house for extended periods. But, I've found that since I'm at home much of the time now, it's nice to have designs ready to be put together without much thought. This is the eighth version of this box. I'll have links at the bottom for you to go see the other versions.
Each compartment of the organizer contains most of the materials I need to create one piece of jewelry. I keep my wire and pliers separate and often wait to add clasps later as well. When working my way through these boxes, I often forget what my original design had been. I tried to remedy that this time by keeping notes as I filled it. However, I stopped keeping notes after ten (and there are 17 compartments). So, we'll see how this works out in the end. Ha!

Now, here are the contents.
My notes call this a "cheat" design because I found the brass-etched pendant and the beads bagged together in a stash of works-in-progress. However, there weren't any holes in the brass. I think that's what the holdup had been for me. I couldn't quite decide where and how many holes to punch. I had originally thought that the tip of the plant would be the top, but when I turned the piece the other way, it became apparent that that was the way it needed to be punched. I'll make a simple chain with the green glass beads.

The purple-ish beads in the center were in a bead soup bowl and caught my attention. I've needed to make some earrings, so these seemed perfect for that purpose. The clear beads seemed to pair well with the purples, but I wanted something metallic added in so I altered the two little charms with some purple Stickles to make them match better. 

I've been trying to figure out what to do with those altered pink buttons for ages and woke up with an idea of adding chain and a bead to them. We'll see how this new design works out. 

This little pendant was created when I had some excess resin that needed to be used. When it cured, I just placed it off to the side. So, I grabbed it for this box. While I wish I had rusty beads to go with this, I chose orange-ish ones instead along with a little brass chain to fill out the necklace design.

I think I created these two charms as part of my Using Vintaj Patinas video (if not in the video then off-camera when I did the others). They'll simply hang from a stack of the beads.

While I knew I needed to make loads of earrings, I couldn't help but include this little soldered shadowbox in the mix. It's going to be the pendant in a necklace with green, black, and gunmetal beads making up the chain.

This little tin pendant was made a while ago. I simply found beads in colors that would work well with it for a simple chain. I didn't notice that one of the yellow beads isn't like the others until I started editing the pictures. I'll have to fix that!

The focal piece for this was actually intended for something else that ended up not working. It was made from a watch back, Ice Resin Enamel, Ice Resin, and a salvaged rhinestone piece. I'm going to turn it and the mix of black, silver, off-white, and clear beads into a bracelet.

I'm not sure what had me pulling these two soldered pieces together - other than the fact that they were in the same bowl with other completed soldered pieces. I selected a bright array of beads and a few buttons from my bead soup to turn these components into a necklace.

This watch face has been hanging around for a while. It's the last item I took notes on for this box, and a darn good thing I did too because the plans for turning it into a pendant it are a little odd. The goldtone beads will make up the front part of a chain. I'll add more chain later.

These little bits will be strung together on some wire to create earrings.

Yup, more simple earrings!

These u-shaped charms from Patina Queen were altered on both sides with Vintaj Patinas. Faceted smokey gray beads and small brass beads will be added to complete the earrings. 

Something possessed me to pull that rust-colored button and the patinaed bobbin together, and I went for it. I did add some rusted paper to the bobbin for interest and chose beads that were similarly colored to use as I work on the front part of the chain. 

This one took ages to pull together as I kept making and adding components for it. I cannot wait to see how this necklace comes together.

After fretting over that previous design for so long, I was back to earrings and limited elements. This selection will become a sweet pair of tassel earrings.

And, these will be even more simple to pull together into a fun pair of earrings. 

Now that I've reviewed all of these, I don't know what's taking me so long to finish this one up. I can't wait to see how some of them turn out. I better get busy! Here are the links to my previous Bead Boxes.

Which one(s) of the new designs are you most anxious to see completed?

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  1. I'd really love to see the shadow box with the green button and the tin pendant jewelry but I'm sure all the rest will be beautiful!

  2. This is quite an interesting assortment of items. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

    1. Thanks Divya, I hope it's interesting in a good way! ;) I've had to put a hold on the box while I work on a few of the challenge pieces; but I'm itching to get back to it as soon as I get the others tackled. Wishing you all the best.


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