Peek at my Weeks (May 17-30)

I got behind again. We spent most of last weekend (since it was a holiday weekend) in/by the pool, and I just couldn't tear myself away to blog. Sorry! Actually, those are our plans for this afternoon too, but I don't want to get any further behind on giving you a peek at what's going on in my little corner of the world.
I made my second attempt at the whipped coffee stuff that everyone's been posting about. This time, I think I got it right!

Pat and I had to run out to pick up a couple of things for the baby chicks. At the farm supply store, this truck was parked next to us. 
I'm guessing the locks on their truck don't work. While this Redneck Security System is pretty industrious, I think I'd be afraid of getting locked in there!

I felt a little industrious also and decided to make my first ever pound cake. I went with a lemon version as that sounded so good. And, it was!

On Monday, we saw more rain. So I took more wet gardenia pictures.
I just can't help myself.

It rained more on Wednesday so I needed to add a little color to my day.
I was pretty pleased with this lunch spread. 

After so many days of rain, I relished in Thursday's beauty. 

I even decided to do a bit of work outside before cooking dinner.

Friday brought me some happy mail in the form of this mask I ordered from my friend at Oak Street Studio.
 The link above goes to her Facebook Page, but you'll see the masks she's making on her Oak Street Studio Instagram page. 

Saturday began our weekend in the pool. The smoke from the grill was trapped in sunbeams.
It was pretty awesome.

Sunday was more pool time.

There wasn't any smoke this time because dinner was tacos with homemade tortillas.
Let me confess that I'm struggling to find a tortilla recipe I like. I've asked for suggestions and gotten a couple, but if you have a no-fail, fabulous flour tortilla recipe (or tips) please let me know!

Monday was Memorial Day, and I treated it like a day off and spent it cleaning and organizing areas of the craft room. It was sorely needed!
This bookshelf was one of the areas that got some extra attention. You should have seen the piles on it before!

Oh, and look at how big the chicks are getting.

To further pursue my farmgirl instincts, I'm also growing kitchen scraps in the windowsill.
I've since planted most of the green onions, but I'm waiting for the celery and lettuce to get some roots. I can't believe how well this has worked. 

Tuesday transferred into my busy, run errands day that ran into Wednesday when I finished my grocery shopping at the local farm-market. I was happy to find that the local corn was is in!

I also admired the gardenias as I know their time is nearing an end. They come and go so quickly! 
I was mesmerized by this one that looks like a wound spring ready to pop!

On Thursday, I headed to Southern Antiques and Accents to update the booth by adding some more summertime pieces.

Back at home, something seemed a little off.
I found the cat in the shower. I'm still not sure what she was doing there. Look at her face. She looks like she's saying, "Do you mind? I'm in the shower!"

That evening, I pulled out more of the local produce I had just bought.
Yes, that bell pepper is PURPLE! I had to have it. 

I filled Friday with so much. After some housework, I went out to the yard to check on my blueberries and discovered this in the old burn pile. 
It's one of the previous owner's credit cards. It was expired, but completely intact. I cut it up and disposed of it properly.

Back inside, I decided to mend my favorite pair of jeans that recently got a hole in them.

While the sewing machine was out, I thought it might be fun to go ahead and sew together a few paper and fabric stacks.
I didn't get many made before realizing that my heart wasn't really in it. So, I moved on.

Before long, I was out on the deck with some beads and a beer to kick off the weekend. 

Saturday was a mostly lazy day. I did head out to the burn pile to dispose of some large pieces of glass I had spotted the day before. And, I found a few items that are loads more interesting.
That one section of our yard is a serious treasure trove!

Later in the afternoon, we had a float in the pool. From my float, I could see that more of the Shell Ginger had bloomed. 
To me, it looks like they're singing. What do you think?

I've been mostly on (with a few days off) with #The100DayProject . 
On Day 41, I actually used some gelli prints. 

Day 42 was all about using a "Combo Stamp Set". That's my term for a set that has both words and images. 

On Day 43, I broke out some of the samples of Liquitex paint that are in my stash. I went with just a red one. 

If you saw my last post, then you've already seen this art journal page. I was to use a ticket stub on Day 44. 

Dylusions Spray Inks were my materials for Day 45. They're so bright!

On Day 46, I was to use a baby wipe to remove paint through a stencil. I did it...It didn't really work for me. I covered most of it up with all kinds of other media on this spread.

One of the Tim Holtz Photobook images was my material for Day 47. 

This was a catch-up page for Days 48, 49, & 50 that includes a piece of a rag rug, some cement tape, and soft pastels. 

Using a magazine image was the task for Day 51.

UGH! I was playing catch-up again with this page for Days 52 & 53. I had to use image stamps and some paints I had purchased at a yard sale. I did it. I'm not happy about it. 

I let myself feel a little freer when I used a handwritten letter on Day 54. 

And now, here's some inspiration I found over the past two weeks:

I think I've blabbered and filled you with plenty of inspiration for the time being. I hope you're staying well and taking care of yourself. Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. I'm glad you can relax by the pool now and still find treasures on your property :) The links are so cool, I loved the mini embroidery, scrappy house and Brostrup's art most of all!


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