DIY Floating Riveted Earrings

Sometimes a design idea just comes to you out of the blue. That's how it was with these earrings. I randomly saw something on TV that made me say, "Hmmm, I wonder..." And, before long, these earrings were born.

I'd like to say that I have a thorough tutorial with step-by-step pictures for you. But, that didn't happen. I did get a video of how to create these Floating Riveted Earrings though.
And, I'll tell you as best as I can how I made them.

Start with two discs cut from an old cookie tin and two rings that are slightly larger than the discs. Also, cut six strips of tin. Sand the front, back, and edges of the tin discs. Cut a tiny bit off the corners of the strips then sand them also. Texture the discs by running them through an embossing machine in an embossing folder.

Color the embossed discs and the strips with Vintaj Patina. I used Verdigris for the discs and Ochre for the strips. When the patina is dry, use a very fine sanding block to sand off the patina from the raised portions of the discs. Darken the revealed areas with Novacan Black. Then, seal all the tin with Vintaj Matte Glaze.

Bend the tin strips at their centers around the small rod of bail-making pliers. Then, use a power punch with a 1.5mm punch to create holes at the ends of the bent tin strips. Punch a hole near the edge of one of your discs. Then, center the disc within the ring. Insert the bent strip over the ring and around the disc so your holes all line-up. Insert a rivet through the holes.

Trim your rivet down then use a small hammer to flatten the trimmed end and secure all your tin. Repeat this process so that you have three of the bent strips equally distanced from one another on each of the ring/disc combos. Open the loop on an ear wire and slip it onto on of the rings. Then close the loop, repeat on the other earrings, and you're done!

If you have any questions about my process, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm still a little amazed at how easily these came together.

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  1. These remind me of the globes of my classroom days. I'll have to make sure I have the Vintaj Ochre patina. It's quite nice.

    1. I can totally see these as globes. What a great vision! The ochre comes in a pack with two other colors. I linked to the individual one if anyone just wanted that shade, but the other two (a black and a white) might be handy too if you don't have them. Just fyi!

  2. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing. I feel that the earrings are industrial chic and kind of remind me of drain covers and construction signs that you often see in an urban setting. But after reading Ann's comment, I am thinking of a globe on a stand too.

    1. Divya, Thank you! I'm not sure if having them remind you of drain covers and construction signs is a good thing or not but at least they spur up something in you. I appreciate your feedback. It always means so much that you take the time to check in on me ;) Thanks so much.

  3. This design is fun but not easy and it makes you think of your own variations :) I also like it when the back is as good looking as the front, it's important for handmade earrings that are not just strung! It's a good tutorial, Hope!


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