Bead Box 9 - Stocked

 I've now been filling up this plastic craft organizer for almost three years!

I suppose I should explain what my Bead Box is...It's a simple plastic craft organizer with seventeen sections. I fill each compartment with beads and findings for a design. When I leave the house (before all the crazy started) for extended periods or just need to make something that's already designed, I dip into the box and create! I've actually had this version stocked for several weeks now. In fact, a few of the designs have already been made, listed on Etsy, and sold! But, before anything else happens, let me share how I stocked it this time around.

First, here's a better look at the whole box.
As you can see, I put most of the supplies in little baggies because previous boxes have taught me that sometimes the supplies migrate and confuse me if I don't. Also, I keep my wire (for the most part) separately. And, some materials like clasps, ear wires, and chains are simply added to the designs later. 

So here's what's in each compartment!
I bought a bunch of those key blanks several years ago at a flea-market-type event and have struggled with how best to use them. This is my newest attempt that's going to include a matching set of vintage glass buttons and lengths of rhinestones from an old necklace.

This bracelet was started and stopped before I decided to go ahead and add it to the box. The bar was altered with Iced Enamels. I picked out copper and glass beads in matching colors to go with it.

I got so excited about this necklace that I started on it before I remembered that it was supposed to go in the bead box. The focal element is a heavy brass piece (possibly a handle of some sort) that will be accented with salvaged pearls and a brass chain to complete it. 

In my last soldering session, I remembered that I have a bag of broken china and pottery shards that were found on Mobile Bay. This pretty red one was transformed into a pendant. Faceted red glass beads, mother-of-pearl beads, and gunmetal chain will finish the necklace.

I had the idea to make a pair of simple tassel earrings that hang from small chandelier crystals. This will be the first attempt at this style.

This small shadowbox pendant was created a little while ago, but I set it off to the side to let the design marinate. I love it so much, I wanted to make sure it was accented beautifully. And, I think the simplicity of this mix of yellowed and pale brown beads might be just the thing.

I love working with Vintaj Patinas to create ombre effects. And, even better when they're in my favorite colors! Though, I struggled with how to best create a chain for this Tim Holtz element-turned-bracelet bar. I finally settled on using the colors in the bar to create strands of chain.

This little bloom charm worked out better than I had anticipated. I've had it made for a few months now, but, like the shadow box, held off on creating with it for one reason or another. I've taken the word within it literally and picked out glass flowers to accent it while tiny crystal beads will make up its chain.

Again with being literal...This pendant that features the image of a dog from a vintage dictionary is paired with dalmatian jasper beads. Yes. I went there. Faceted black glass beads will help break up the stone beads on the chain.

The classic blue on this found pottery piece led me to pick out glass beads in the same shade. I also selected a couple of floral beads that have a similar feel to them. Silver-colored e-beads will complete the piece.

Those little tin discs have been lingering in my stash for far too long. But, I wasn't sure what to do with them. It took me a little while to ponder this design, but I finally decided that I would create a few connectors with the green seed beads to fill out a bracelet design. 

If I remember correctly, this little metal bracelet piece had been an experiment. However, it turned out so well that I kept it. I ended up picking out some of the beads from the bracelet I didn't make in the last bead box and adding gold elements instead of the silver ones.

Several of the designs in this bead box took me longer to gather because I HAD to make custom pieces for them. This design is one of those. I thought that the elongated amethyst charm needed something else to go with it to complete it as a pendant. So, I made a little distressed tin piece to pair up with it. Small amethyst briolettes (teardrops), gunmetal beads, and matte black seed beads will also go into this necklace design.

I think the beauty and simplicity of this soldered mother-of-pearl button really speak for itself. So, I chose glass pearls and gunmetal-colored e-beads to make a basic chain for it.

This little dream charm needed something else. I created a cloud of stars for it with tin and Vintaj Patinas. From there, shell and crystal beads were selected for its chain. 

An old key was paired with part of a vintage earring for this pendant. It will be accented simply with pale jade beads and crystals on the chain. A metal chain will be added later to complete it. 

This bead box is seriously lacking in earring designs (though the Etsy shop is flush with them!) As such, I finished out the box with this pair of tin snippings that will have small pink freshwater pearls added to them. 

And, that's the box this time around. I'm actually almost halfway through it so hopefully, you won't have to wait too long for the reveal. If you're interested in checking out some of my previous boxes, here's a list of them.

I'm a little excited about all of these designs, but I'd love to know which of them you are looking forward to seeing completed. Let me know!


  1. I want to buy the dog one! I have a sight hound mix who is spotted and looks like the dog in the illustration. I am @valeriethered on Instagram where you can see my Spotty.

    1. Valerie, You got it! I'm actually in the process of making that one right now. And will shoot you a some pictures just as soon as it's done (will likely be in a few days depending on the storm - we're in the path of Sally, and I don't know what the next few days hold for us yet.) Your Spotty and Theo are both adorable! Do they get along?

    2. Oh that would be great. I didn't see your reply somehow. Glad you survived Sally, you had a harrowing few days. Thank you. Spotty and Theo get along well. The cat bosses everyone in the household, including me.

  2. Great ideas. I may have to go into the hospital for a week of so and I can do up one of these instead of everything...... BTW, I would like what ever you make with the shadow box. It really speaks to me. And I agree, the more simple the better! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Vera, I hate to hear that you have a hospital stay ahead of you. I hope everything goes well. A Bead Box would be the perfect thing for a stay like that. In fact, my first one was made to work with while waiting for my mom at the hospital.
      As for the shadowbox necklace, I should have it ready to be listed on Etsy in about a week and would be happy to reserve it for you. Shoot me an e-mail so I can make sure I have yours. Mine is CraftyHope at gmail dot com. THANKS! :)

  3. All your soldered components are so unique.......and wonderful! I can't wait to see what you make with them!

    1. Mary, Thank you. I do like making the soldered pieces. But, I go through phases with it. I swear that I have good solder days and bad solder days. There are some days that it seems to flow and other days that it just frustrates me to no end. I'm so glad I've had a couple of good ones!

  4. Your selections for the bead box are becoming more and more intriguing :) Am I imagining or I have seen some finished items on Instagram/Facebook? They are really beautiful and uncommon! Looking forward to the reveal.


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