It's Super at SAA (Southern Antiques and Accents)

In addition to selling my handmade jewelry in the CraftyHope Etsy shop online, I also rent a small booth at Southern Antiques and Accents (SAA), an antique mall in Fairhope, AL. Recently, they transitioned from having a Ladies Night one a month to Super Second Saturday in which there are storewide savings of 10%, door prizes, a food truck outside, and some "after-hours" entertainment and fun. This weekend includes the second Saturday of the month (Sep 12th) - make sure you don't miss out on the shopping and savings! I just rearranged and swapped out stock in my booth, so let me give you a little look at some of the pieces you'll find there. 

autumn tassel earrings - sari silk, copper filigree, crystals
These copper filigree and recycled sari silk earrings scream of autumn. 

There's something about orange that always feels like Fall to me. This handmade pendant is paired with a few beads and a brass chain.

The Vintaj frames only needed a little accent. The simplicity of these golden earrings makes them perfect for just about any occasion and outfit.

My use of unusual materials makes most of my jewelry one-of-a-kind. In this instance, an old wooden spool was accented with text from a vintage French book. As well, much of the chain of the necklace uses vintage mother-of-pearl buttons. 

At the center of this bracelet sits a reproduction metal tag from Tim Holtz's Assemblage jewelry line. The toggle clasp is from this same line. To connect them, a chain of glass beads in plum and gray were wired together.

Here's another pair of neutral but pretty earrings. The brass tassels and pearls give these earrings an air of sophistication. 

Copper was paired with this almost-rusty skeleton key to reflect the orange of the two. A fabric connector was made to attach the key to the handmade chain of copper beads and faux pearls. 
One of the tins in my stash has a map motif on it with these little ships on it. They fit beautifully in these bezels surrounded by brass-colored beads. The filigree bead and rhinestone bead on each of them add a touch of femininity.

More tin was used to capture some eco-dyed fabric and lace for the pendant of this necklace. A mix of white and off white beads on brass wire complete this unique beauty. 

That's just a taste of what you'll find in my booth currently. 
Above is a look at the booth itself (since some people have had a hard time finding it! 😲 )

And, here are some of the details about Saturday's event.

So, if you're anywhere close to the Fairhope area this Saturday, make sure you grab your mask and head out to Southern Antiques and Accents for a fun shopping event!

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