Peek at My Week (Aug 30-Sep 5)

 As the summer is beginning to wind down, I've found myself really trying to focus on knocking out some of the tasks I need to, want to, and should do. Look at me trying to be a grown-up! 

To start with, I didn't get any pictures on Sunday. I did a few chores done and got ready for an afternoon in the pool. I cut my thumb while slicing onions for burgers and have muddled through with that all week. But, on Monday, I was up early and out for a walk.

It's been my habit to look for any beauty I can find in these walks as that and the podcast I listen to keep me entertained. Of late, my subjects have mostly been mushrooms and sunlight.
As for the rest of the day, I'm not sure where most of it went - only some of my chores were accomplished. 

I did pull out my InkJoy* pens to get started on planning out my September.
But, even that didn't get done until the next day.

Tuesday started off beautifully!
This is just one of several photos I captured that day in the misty morning light.

From there, I felt like I was running all day long. The morning was consumed with my grocery errands. Then, in the afternoon, I focused on business tasks like updating the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents.
I also ran to the coffee shop to upload a few videos that afternoon.

Wednesday was more productive as I was actually able to work on some jewelry and in one of my art journals.

Though I didn't spot anything new on my morning walk, there was this amazing mushroom in my yard in the afternoon.
And, even with all that, I was able to tackle some of my less-than-fun tasks like making bases for jewelry backers and sorting through my old stock of jewelry. 

Thursday was another fairly misty morning and I overloaded on taking photos. However, surprisingly, this is the only one I shared.
It's surprising because I'm no fan of spiders. Yet, there I was: on the side of the road, wading through knee-high weeds, to capture this dew-covered web. It was a definite act of bravery! Maybe that's why I had to share it. 

I also made a new friend on my walk.
This little grasshopper was just sitting on that leaf. And, he stayed there through the whole picking-up, photoshoot, and being put-back-down process. He was a trooper!

The chaos of my craft room and desk has been making me a little crazy, so I spent much of the afternoon trying to right that. I got the desk and a couple of shelves managed but became frustrated with my storage options and had to stop. To free up some space, I decided to store my Distress Oxides and Inks on their sides. So I started creating labels for them.
I hope it will make it easier to find what I want now. 

Friday was full of hustle. I knocked out my heavy household cleaning in the morning then snapped a few art journal shots on the deck around noon.
I got the pictures I needed, but I don't know what I was thinking trying to get pictures in the middle and heat of the day in summer. Dur! But, I needed them so that I could upload a couple more videos before taking some pictures for my sister-in-law's band. 

On Saturday, I skipped the morning walk so that I could take care of other tasks. I found myself really drawn to knocking out as many creative tasks as I could fit in the day.
I started with rust-dying and avocado-dying. The above is my rust-dye. (The avocado dye didn't work out. I'll try again another time.)

I worked on finishing up several jewelry projects.

I threw fabrics and papers that didn't work in the rust or avocado dyes into a coffee bath. It was a full Saturday!

Since it was the end of the month, I finished the cards for the #SouthernGals5Min challenge. 

It's been really great finding my creative mojo once again. For next week, I hope that I can get my craft room tackled and keep the creativity flowing. Here's some inspiration for your week ahead.

What creative endeavors do you have planned this week?

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  1. What is Avocado dyeing and what colour is it supposed to give? I am super curious to find out now. You do a lot every week Hope, if I get one project done a week; I'll be super happy.

    1. Hey! Avocado dying is a natural method to color fabric and paper using the skin and pits of avocados. Basically, you just boil them in water for an hour or so, then put in your fabric/paper. It's supposed to come out a pale pink color, but most of mine didn't change color much at all. I do take on loads every week, but I also don't have a "real" job to distract me. So, I expect myself to put as much effort as I can into accomplishing loads. Thanks for that reassurance though. It helps so much!


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