Art Journaling Videos from August

 Art Journaling is my main way to be creative when I'm not making jewelry. It helps fill up my creative tank when I'm getting low. And, I often record these creative sessions to share the inspiration. Rather than inundate this space with more posts than any of us can keep up with, I like to do a monthly round-up of the art journal videos I shared over on the CraftyHope YouTube Channel. (Clicking on the pictures or the captions below should take you to the videos.) 

Mixed Media Art Journal

Using a Yearbook Photo in an Art Journal

Art Journaling with Paint and Paint Pens

Mark Making in a Junk Journal

Using a Wood Butterfly in Your Art Journal

RickRack in an Art Journal

Using Glitter Tape in a Grungy Art Journal

Working Through the Ugly in Art Journaling

Mixed Media Art in a Junk Journal

All of the above art journal page videos were created as part of my 100 Day Project that finished in July. I have just a few more of those to share with you before I start on something else (likely Tiffany's five-minute project from August). I'd love to know if you also use something other than your main craft to help keep your creativity tank full. Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I don't do something else other than my main craft. However - you have inspired me. For a long time I've enjoyed your art journaling and thought it might be something I would enjoy. I am going to sign up for an online class with Jenny Davies-Reazor! That will help me focus. I didn't know where to start because I knew I will just buy a lot of fun supplies and then sit there overwhelmed. This way it will be more curated. Then, after that, I think I will pick from your videos and add new techniques and materials to my practice. I'm excited!

    1. Ann, I'm so sorry for this late reply. Somehow your comment got buried. I saw that Jenny's doing the class. I hope you learn lots. You really don't need a ton of supplies. I probably have too many. Some glue and paper, a little paint, and a few pens/pencils are all that's really needed to start your journey. I can't wait to see where it takes you. Enjoy the process!


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