Bead Box 12 - Reveal

Over the last several years, I've stocked and revealed what I've made from my Bead Box. I can't believe that I've gone through a dozen of them. 

This little, plastic organizer started off as something for me to have on hand to keep me busy when I was away from home. Over the past year and a half, I've kept it going to keep me occupied at times when I've not felt very inspired. I'm having a bit of an inspiration dip at the moment, but don't have a box stocked because of just recently finishing it. But, I'm slowly working on restocking it. For now, it's time that I reveal what I created from Bead Box 12 and hope that my inspiration returns very soon. 

This Tin Mushroom Necklace can currently be found in the Etsy Shop. I love its bright statement as a focal while still being a fairly simple piece. 

These fun hoop earrings can be found in the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents (SAA) in Fairhope. Their simple palette means that they can work with just about any outfit. 

Alas, this bracelet just didn't work out. I was so excited about all the fringe on it, but it just doesn't hang well and is a bit fiddly. 

These earrings just don't work either. For one thing, one of the chips broke off (do you see the space in the one on the left?) As well, they're kinda heavy. And, I think there may be too many elements to them. I could break these down and make at least two other pairs of earrings. That's probably what's going to happen. 

I think these little tin and bead earrings are perfect for summer. They're in the booth at SAA. 

Speaking of summery fun earrings, this pair of Confetti Tin Earrings also meets that criteria. They're available on Etsy. 

It didn't take long for this necklace to sell right after it was listed on Etsy. 

I must admit, there was a lot of color packed into this box! You can find this bright and fun necklace at the booth in Fairhope. 

I'm such a sucker for the blues. This bead and key necklace will be listed on Etsy very soon. 

More color! Keep your eyes peeled as this beauty of a bracelet is destined for the Etsy shop. 

Yes, back-to-back rainbows! This Rainbow Inspiration Bracelet is already in the Etsy shop. 

This cutie sold out of the Etsy shop almost as soon as it was listed. 

I listed this Locker Tag Bracelet on Etsy just today. It may be simple, but something about that tag makes me smile. 

I tried for several days to get a pair of tassel earrings made with these materials but just couldn't get those clock hands to hang from under the tassel just the way I wanted. I've put this idea aside for the moment. 

This long, Two Faces Necklace is available on Etsy. 

How fun are these earrings? They'll be available on Etsy before too long. 

It took me a while to work out what I wanted to do with the simple elements that make up these earrings. Now that they're made, I'll be listing them in the Etsy shop eventually. 

If you're interested in the other versions of my bead box, here are the links to the others


  1. I love how all the pieces are quirky but none of them are flashy. Is it possible to bend/roll the bottom portion of clock hands and hang a tassel from that? or you could just wrap the cord around them as is like a whooly wire bead.

    1. Ha. I guess they ARE all a little quirky. I didn't even consider that. As for the clock hands and tassel, I wanted the hand to emerge from inside the tassel. I was able to get it up in there but then the wire got messy around the floss and I had to remake my tassels and ended up running out of that color. So, I was absolutely frustrated and had to stop before I threw something. I may get back to it as I still like the idea. I just needed to step away from it for a while. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Your reclaimed tin pieces are always my favorite! I know how disappointing it is when an idea goes the wrong way but I know you'll find a way to tackle those bugging issues :)


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