Chain Link Earrings: Part 6

I've been working my way through sharing how to make a variety of simple earrings using large links of metal jewelry chain in combination with beads and a few other basic supplies.  There are already five videos available in the playlist for this series. Today, I'm sharing the sixth tutorial. 

The earrings in this lesson have a bit of leaf chain fringe hanging from the bottom. However, I could see a tassel, charm, bead dangle, or a combination of all of those being used instead - depending on what you like and what is available to you. 

As well, the large chain link hangs from a simple combination of bead and bead caps that is wire-wrapped to the link. This addition to the earrings isn't completely necessary but added a subtle bit of color to the earrings that I like. 

The video is a short one since all the techniques are fairly simple. 

As always, if you have any questions about the materials or techniques I used, I am more than happy to help. Ask away!

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  1. I love the chain link series of yours - so many ideas!


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