Chain Link Earrings Part 5

Today, I continue the series of DIY Chain Link Earrings. (I'll include links to the other four tutorials at the bottom of the post.) Each of the earrings in this series include a large link from a metal chain. I knew the chunky chains weren't right for my more delicate style of necklaces and bracelets, but that they would work perfectly as the base for earrings.  This video series was born.

Chain Link Earrings

In this fifth earring tutorial, I show you how to use Vintaj Patinas in a simple pattern to alter a set of links before adding a matching bead and an ear wire. 

The materials and tools are simple, along with the techniques themselves.

Vintaj Patina Chain Link Earring Tutorial

However, if I failed to give enough information, and you have any questions at all - please feel free to reach out to me.

Here are links to the other Chain Link Earrings

Introduction and First Tutorial

Part 2 (two basic designs)

Part 3 (beads in and below link)

Part 4 (wrapping a bead in a link)

Have fun with these, and please share with me any designs you make inspired by these tutorials!

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  1. You are on a roll with these! So many creative ideas!


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