DIY Junk Journal from Scraps

While picking up around my craft room the other week, I got the urge to purge a couple of my scrap paper boxes. But, I couldn't just throw away any of those beautiful bits of paper. Nope. I decided to grab many of the larger pieces and incorporate them into a small junk journal. 

DIY Junk Journal from Scraps

For the cover, I used an old file folder, but a lightweight cereal box or piece of cardstock would have worked just as well. Additionally, when I tore down the filler papers, those scraps were saved. They were then used to decorate the cover.

Bookbinding with scraps

For the complete tutorial, here's the DIY Small Junk Journal from Scraps video.

In the video tutorial, I go over the dimensions used for the cover, trimming down the scrap papers to fill the journal, decorating the front and back, and using the basic bookbinding pamphlet stitch to complete the journal. 

Scrappy Junk Journal DIY

I recognize that not everyone has the use for a junk art journal. However, you could still use these same techniques with more common papers like copy or notebook paper to create a journal of any size to suit your needs (list-making, idea-keeping, sketching, bullet journaling, etc.)

Pamphlet Stitch Junk Journal

Don't hesitate to let me know if any of the instructions are unclear or if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help!

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