DIY Chain Link Earrings (Part 1)

A few weeks back I noticed that my stock of handmade earrings in the booth at Southern Antiques & Accents was running seriously low. I needed to remedy that as soon as possible. About that same time, I was rummaging through my stash of chain and realized that a good portion of it included some with large links that I'll likely never use in necklaces or bracelets. An idea was born! I decided to take several links off each of those chains and use them to create earrings. 
DIY Chain Link Earrings | CraftyHope

I laid all those chains in front of me along with a leftover box of beads and supplies from my first 100 Day Project to #Make100Earrings.

From there, I just started designing.

As I began to work my way through the designs, it hit me that this process would make a great tutorial series. So, I flipped on the camera and started filming. I did miss the making of a few pairs but do explain them in the introduction to the series. Here's a look at each of them for you. 

I like how I was able to get these to hang sideways in the links for some interest.

This pair was simply layering links from the same chain inside one another and adding a freshwater pearl. They actually sold before they were even done because someone saw an in-process shot of them on my Instagram feed. 

The links for these earrings also came from the same chain. I added a couple of cultured sea glass coins and reversed the order of how they hang for a bit of whimsy.

In the video, I do an introduction for the series then show you how to make these simple "Link in Link" earrings.

Once I started working on editing the videos, I thought it would be best if the designs started fairly easy and got progressively more advanced. Make sure you check back in for more complex chain link earring designs. For now, here's my How to Make Chain Link Earrings Part 1 video that includes the introduction and first tutorial.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the content I've provided, ask away! I'm more than happy to help. Happy creating!


  1. Great idea about using chain links! Nice video tute, too! So many possibilities!

  2. Yes, chain offers a lot many possibilities it is all about getting your hands on the right chain links for a particular piece.

    1. Yes! That's why I'm going this series: to show the variety of possibilities with chain no matter what you have on hand. Thanks for popping in!


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