April Challenges and Inspiration

I'm always up for a fun art challenge but have found that they're getting harder to come by. Or maybe that's just me. In any case, I like to share the challenges and inspirations of which I'm aware each month. Here's that list if you're looking for something to inspire you this April. 

  • First, I should mention that the reveal for the Bead Soup Swap & Create is this Saturday, the 10th. It was originally scheduled for the 3rd but was moved to give participants just a little more time and not interfere with Easter festivities. 
  • Also, The 100 Day Project is in its last full month Of course, you don't have to go with the majority and are welcome to start your own 100 days any time you wish!
  • The Honey Do List for April at SJ Designs Jewelry involves the picture of a little black bunny. Read about the challenge on Sarajo's blog. The reveal is set for April 26th. 
  • Oddly enough, the April Theme Challenge at Art Elements is ALSO Hares/Rabbits. The theme is open to any medium, and you are welcome to submit your creation(s) anytime during the month in the Facebook Album of the Art Elements Community
  • Each month, Halcraft Collection offers up a Pretty Palette Inspiration. This month, the palette is called Spring Festival and is surprisingly not filled with pastels as I would have expected for spring. Take a look at all the information on their site. 
Those are all the challenges I know of this month. If you're aware of any others, please share and I'll add them to the list. Whether you use these challenges as a jumping-off point or not, I hope your month is full of inspiration and creativity!

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