The 100 Day Project begins today - How I prepared

Today marks the beginning of #The100DayProject.

I decided that my project for the next 100 days will be to make a pair of earrings each day. I'll be using the hashtag #Make100Earrings. As far as I know, no one else is using this tag. So, you should be able to follow my progress on Instagram.

In order to be ready for this challenge, I prepared a "Make 100  Earrings box" that I can take with me to help meet this goal no matter where I go.

To start with, I got a basic plastic craft organizer. You know the ones

Next, I loaded it up with your basic earrings findings: ear wires, head pins, eye pins, and jump rings in a variety of metals (antiqued silver, antiqued copper, gunmetal, silver tone, gold tone, and antiqued brass.)

After that, I went into a special drawer I have for pairs of items (beads, buttons, charms, found objects, etc.) I pulled out a selection of those, then it was time to sort through the beads.
 That was just the beginning.

I made sure to only get pairs of each item/bead. I added bead caps, chain, bead spacers, bezels, wire, glue, and some altered Vintaj pieces.
It's a bit stuffed! I may have overwhelmed myself more than I intended, but at least I have lots of options.

And, so it begins. I'm a little excited to dig into this box and begin making. As well, all that sorting gave me a chance to explore my stash and rediscover some of the treasures hoarded there. I've got a ton of goodies I completely forgot I had. EEK! I need to get to creating something fierce.

Guess I better get to those 100 pairs of earrings. Make sure to follow my journey on Instagram and look for the hashtag #Make100Earrings.

And, please, please let me know if you're participating in The100DayProject as well!

Update: If you're interested in the reveal for these here are the links to the blog posts I did about them:


  1. Great start, looking forward to seeing your progress :-)

    1. Thanks Tammie! I hope this project gets me to make a bit more and stay creative consistently. Should be fun!

  2. You always amaze me with your organization - making lists, menus and planning ahead! The box looks fantastic, I bet you will be tempted to make more than a pair some days :)

  3. I truly believe organization is the path to productivity! I always have to tidy up my office before I sit down and write. Your box of supplies will ensure your 100 pair of earrings get done. Can't wait to see the progress!

  4. Good luck Hope! You will be a jewelry producing machine!

    1. Thanks Jenna! I'm really hoping I can do it and not fall behind. It will indeed be a challenge!


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