Week in Review

All day we've been busy in the beautiful spring weather, so I'm running a bit behind for this weekly wrap-up. I hope your week was amazing. Here's a look at mine.

Sunday morning started off beautifully with this little skeleton leaf in the front yard. It totally reminded me to look for and find beauty in the small things.

Pat and I rode over to Pensacola, FL (about 45 minutes away) for a Craigslist  transaction and then lunch at McGuire's Irish Pub. It's my favorite place to eat in Pensacola. The food is always fantastic and the atmosphere is entertaining. Can't you tell by the interesting ambiance?

From there, we visited with some friends who were Spring Breaking on Week's Bay. It was really lovely!

From there, I started on a whole week's worth of projects that have yet to be finished. Above, you get a glimpse of one of my Easter decorating ideas.

These Brown Rhinestone earrings were listed in the etsy shop.

I picked up this xylophone at a thrift store for yet another project. Now to hope that it works out the way I've envisioned. Stay tuned!

I started gathering some bits and pieces for my attempt at The 100 Day Project. Remember that it starts TUESDAY! I hope to show you a peek of what I gathered and why for my take on the project -#Make100Earrings.

Another project I'm trying to tackle is a series of jewelry-making video tutorials for beginners. I'm not yet sure how often I'll release these videos, but I'm hoping the first one will be this week. Keep an eye out for this:

We worked on getting the pool and yard ready for the season. Yes, it's almost time for swimming here! (In all honesty, we were in the pool today, but on floats. It's still just a tad too chilly to stay in there long.)
As you can see, it was also a little icky. It's already looking MUCH better!!

I swapped motivational altered playing cards with another member of one of the facebook groups to which I belong. The cards above are the ones she sent me.

These are the ones I made for her!

This is the project currently on my desk. I'm working on another Easter decoration. I'm hoping to make a cross out of these buttons on the canvas board.

Oh, and one last thing. I FINALLY created a logo for my brand. You may have seen it at the top of the blog or in the favicon. But, in general, it looks like some version of this.
I like it!

Anyway, as you can tell, I've got a lot of irons in the fire. I just hope I can get a few of these projects finished this week.

What fun projects do you have planned?


  1. I am so curious about the xylophone idea :) Frankly, I noticed your new logo the last time I visited but started wondering if it was new or I hadn't noticed it (shame on me!). So I passed ;) I love it, especially the variant on the blog header. I see many new projects that look very promising.

  2. Your Logo is fantastic! It will easily become instantly recognizable to people. You had a colorful, creative, enjoyable week...and I am quite intrigued by the xylophone!

  3. Wow, you had a busy week.
    I am intrigued by every photo in this post and look forward to what might be to come!

    I noticed the logo immediately - very nice!


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