Bead Box 14 - Stocked

I have to thank my lucky stars that I was proactive enough to restock and photograph my Bead Box before I took the tumble that broke my ankle. The Bead Box is simply a basic 17-compartment plastic organizer in which I place the components for designs to be made later when I travel or my inspiration wanes. This is the fourteenth version of this box. 

Let me admit that this box came in handy to keep me busy for a few days after my first surgery. I flew through it and now have to figure out how to photograph each of the finished pieces. For now, let me share what was included in this box. 

This first design is actually a custom order from an Instagram friend. She saw my collection of soldered pieces and this one called out to her with a fairly specific necklace design. I threw these bits in the box to get me started.

Another soldered pendant, an experiment in wire and tin, just needed a few beads (and a button) to transform it into a necklace. 

These beautiful tin shapes will be accented simply with a few metallic glass beads and eye pins to make a pair of earrings.

You may recognize some of these elements from the previous bead box. I took my failed attempt at a bracelet apart and added a few more blue beads to the mix. This bracelet design should come together easily.

It was almost silly to put these pieces in the Bead Box. It will take only seconds to join the tin to the unfinished brass pieces for a pair of earrings. 

Just before I assembled the pieces for this box, I received several packages of new metal components. These ovals were some of the new bits. I'll join them together with the pink glass beads to make a bracelet.

Like the previous picture, these beads and brass pieces will come together in a bracelet design. This one will be quite dainty.

I always love these brass skeleton leaves and bought two sizes of them online this time around. I'll pair these simply with some Czech glass beads for earrings. 

As I was sorting through my soldered pieces, this bubble jumped out as something perfect as a gift for my teenage niece, Grace. I've selected frosted clear beads and opaque black crystals to make the chain of a simple necklace. 

This mermaid bottle makes me smile. I decided to add just a few cut glass beads and will also add a length of chain to transform it into a necklace. 

I love these raw brass sun charms from Patina Queen. To really make them shine, I'll add crystal beads and turn them into earrings.

In my stash, I found a little bowl of bead and charm pairs for earrings. I pulled together the two sets of copper charms and faceted frosted glass beads and will create earrings with them. 

All of the main components here were things I received in a giveaway from Erin Prais-Hintz. I'll combine them into a pair of earrings. 

More charms from Patina Queen and dark blue faceted glass beads will become a stunning pair of earrings. 

I must be on a celestial kick right now because this little tin pair called out to me. I've got some mismatched glass bicones to give the eventual earrings a little weight. 

This is probably my favorite design in the box. One of the raw brass moons was connected to a soldered bubble with the word "light" in it to create a "Moonlight" pendant. Black and gold glass beads have been selected to create the chain for this necklace. 

This final design is a simple stacked earring one featuring AB crystal beads and silver findings. 


  1. On my!!!! You better get busy! 😀. I hope that you are on the mend and maneuvering around with your broken ankle! 💖

    1. Mary, Ha! I've actually already finished everything in the box. I sped through it when I had little else to do. I'm healing up well, but getting impatient to be back on both feet. Thank you for stopping by and for the best wishes!

  2. I hope you are healing and feeling better. I havent made beaded jewellery so so long but looking at all these supplies makes me reach out to my bead box.

    1. Divya, Thank you! I'm definitely on the mend. As much as I love working with my mixed media supplies, the beads are always close at hand too. I can't give them up, even in this state up in the bed, I have a tray of beads and charms nearby! Here's hoping you find your beady mojo soon!


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