Bead Box 15 - Reveal

I recently finished all the pieces stocked into the fifteenth version of my Bead Box. This is a basic plastic organizer with seventeen compartments that I use to pack up designs that can be assembled while I travel or am otherwise uninspired. I've already shared what I stocked in the box so now it's time for the reveal. 

Usually, I only reveal seventeen designs - one for each compartment, but this one has nineteen as I got so inspired that I packed it all in as best as possible. we go. 

I have a thing for the mystical and magical and somehow mushrooms play right into that for me. So, this little mushroom jar tickles me to no end. I wasn't sure how long the necklace would be once I wired the beads together, but some added chain gave it the length I wanted. 

It was simple enough to wrap up the beads for this chain in a simple pattern that corresponds with the colors in the tin disc. For such a small piece, it really packs in some interest.

The picture I took of this necklace captures the moodiness that I feel it has, despite the "zeal" word on the pendant. It's simple but lovely.

How fun are these!? I wanted the dangles to be as colorful and cute as those little triangles of tin, and I think I succeeded in that. 

These little beauties were so easy to pull together. They make me think of frosty cold beverages on the beach.

It's crazy to me that these earrings are basically the same as the ones before them because these feel a little more buttoned-up and classic - perfect for a boardroom. 

I owe the design of this necklace to my bead friend Jenny. She has a tutorial for this bead tassel necklace in her Etsy shop. In it she explains how to pick out beads and color palettes, putting the design together, and so many amazing tips. I definitely recommend it. 

As a Design Ambassador for Jesse James Beads, I receive lots of their cool beads. The next several designs consist primarily of beads from them. This earring design almost fell together. And, aren't they gorgeous!?

Likewise, once I saw this little green connector, I knew it needed to be a bracelet. It didn't take much to pull this beautiful design together. 

These seem like they were meant to be. As I mentioned before, the tin pieces were from my stash. I just happened to finally find the right beads to go with them in my Jesse James Bead stash. 

I seriously don't know what I would have done with this unique pendant I made if it hadn't been for one of the bead strands I received from Jesse James. Somehow, they were just right for this short necklace. 

In my mind, you can never go wrong with lots of blue. I mean...isn't this necklace just dreamy and perfect? 

Simplicity at its finest! This is a necklace that will go with anything. 

These earrings were made with the above necklace in mind. And, like them, they will go with just about anything in your wardrobe. 

I knew when I packed the bead box that this necklace would be my favorite, and I was right. It checks so many of my boxes - teal, sparkle, simple, pretty. 

I knew these would work beautifully before I even put them together. I was right. 

I have mixed feelings about this necklace. It looks great and took me FOREVER to make. But, the weight. . . it just isn't quite right. Some of the beads in the necklace are heavier than the focal so it doesn't hang as it should. I will likely have to find something heavy to add to the focal to make it work before I can really call this one finished.

It took very little to pull these last earrings together - just a few wire wraps. 

With that, this Bead Box was done (for the most part). Here's a look at all my previous stocked and revealed boxes, if you're interested. 

I've already got Bead Box 16 stocked and ready to go. So, you can expect that blog post soon. Usually, I tell you where you can find the completed items (as they often end up in one of my shops or sold before I get the rest of the designs completed.) However, I delayed listing these items this time around. I'd love to hear which ones are your favorite!

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  1. I had to scroll up and down several times to enjoy all those beauties. So beautiful and whimsical!


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