ICAD 16-30

As I just finished up the first half of Index Card a Day (ICAD), I figured that it was time to share them (and their corresponding videos with you.) 

Day 16 - Green Gold

Day 17 - Stenciling

Day 18 - Halftone and Alphabet

Day 19 - Selvedge and Chipboard

Day 20 - Promptless

Day 21 (No video)

Day 22 - Rub-ons

Day 23 - Purple and Pyrrole Red

Day 24 - Print and Doodling

Day 25 - No prompts, no words

Day 26 - Hand Stitching

Day 27 - Machine

Day 28 - Pattern

Day 29 - Neon and Tissue Paper

Day 30 - Magical & Titanium White

And, there is another whole month ahead of me. I guess we'll see where that takes me. 

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