DIY Golden Petal Earrings

 It's funny how just pulling out some random materials can inspire you and result in something pretty awesome. That was the case with these fun earrings. 

The monthly birthstone Pirates Pretty Jewelry Challenge from Angela at Pirate Pretties Jewelry had me searching my stash for ruby red and gold to make earrings. I happened to pull out those big rings and spied the golden glass teardrop beads in the same drawer. As I laid them together on my desk, the bead strand curved around the rings, and the idea for these earrings was born. 

In all honesty, they're so very simple. But, as is often the case, simple can be best. Once the idea was fully formed, I popped on the video camera and recorded a quick video to share with you on how to make your own Golden Petal Earrings

I really am tickled with how they came together and am glad I have more of those teardrop beads in a few different colors so I can experiment with other palettes too. But, these are pretty stunning in their gold and pop of red combination.

Head on over to the short video and let me know what you think. What color should I try next?


  1. Great color combination and really cute design.

  2. You can't go wrong with this color combo but I also like the ingenious way you attached the petals!

  3. I love how simple, yet how glamourous the earrings look. Is there a way to participate in this challenge without using Youtube? I tried joining the Pirates Pretty Jewelry group on Facebook but nobody seems to be posting there.

    1. Aw, thanks, Divya! The group is really just a way for Angela to sell beads, but she has an album set up for the challenge. Each month, she posts a picture of what she made and you can post your contribution as a comment to her photo. It's a little different from any others I've done, but you know I do love a good challenge. I'd love to see your contributions!


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