Honey Do List Reveal (July 2022)

I was kicking myself for not having the time to participate in last month's Honey Do List challenge from SJ Designs Jewelry as the inspiration photo was of a Chihuly glass art installation, and I LOVE Chihuly's work. Fortunately, Sarajo and Eric used another photo of Chihuly's art this month too. YAY! 

Something about this inspiration felt watery and almost jellyfish-like. And, the colors...they're almost all there! I knew I could make something from this eye candy of inspiration.

As a design ambassador for Jesse James Beads (#jjbambassador), I have received a beautiful array of beads, pendants, chains, and other glorious bits in the past several months. So, I let these two "challenges" combine and created a couple pairs of earrings from some of my JJB stashes for the Honey Do List. 

Between the underwater feel, the glass itself, and the color array of the inspiration photo, these earrings fell together. The mermaid tails came from my latest mix from the May 2022 Magical Mystery Bead Box while the yellow and orange beads are part of the Sunset Goddess Bead Mix

It may come as no surprise to anyone, but the blue of the inspiration photo really stood out to me personally. And, then there were the lines on much of the glass that caught my eye. This collection of beads (also from the May Magical Mystery Bead Box) seemed to emulate those points to me. Aren't they gorgeous?

Once I had these two earrings made, I knew I could be done with the challenge, but something told me to try playing with my tin as well. I kept seeing crinkled discs in the inspiration photo. So, I cut out a bunch of discs, altered them, and created this wonky pendant. 

While I do feel that it captures the inspiration, it just doesn't feel quite right.

So, with the leftover discs, I created this one instead.

It worked out much better!

Hopefully, I can bring in more of those gorgeous Jesse James Beads to make a simple chain for at least one of these pendants, but I was running out of time again before this reveal. The chain(s) will have to come later.

Now, I invite you to head over to the Honey Do List reveal to see what Sarajo made with the inspiration. There, you will also find links to the other artists who participated as well as a way to add your own link if you want to play along!

Thanks to Sarajo and Eric for another beautiful challenge!!


  1. I love seeing all the different interpretations! I'd like to share an idea about the wonky pendant - you could punch two holes and attach a wire wrapped chain on both sides. Make it totally asymmetrical by reversing the colors, e.g. blue tin with yellow beads, yellow tin with blue beads, etc. :)

  2. You made some really fun pieces! I really love those mermaid tail earrings... and I like your first pendant. :) Thanks so much for playing along!

  3. I love the pieces you made... especially those mermaid tail earrings! I actually really like the pendant that you weren't as happy with myself. We're often our own worst critics. Thanks for playing along with us! Oh, and I just got the new inspiration posted today. :)

    1. Sarajo, Thanks so much! As much as I love Chihuly, this was tough for me. I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Eric have for us this month. Thank you, again.


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