Sweet Button Bangle DIY

I received a beautiful selection of beads and buttons this month from Jesse James Beads as a Jesse James Beads Design Ambassador. Admittedly, they are colors I probably wouldn't have chosen myself, but it gave me even a hint more of a challenge. And, you know know how I like a good challenge. I should have a full reveal of everything I made from what they sent next week, but when I saw those beautiful Mermaid Mix in Coral buttons from Dress it Up, I knew I needed to make a button bangle with them. 

Yes, this design isn't new to me, but I took some time to update the tutorial. You can watch and learn to make your own button bangle on YouTube. 

It's a simple process that uses a thrifted bracelet as a base, wire, and those lovely buttons. 

Of course, if you have ANY questions I'm always available to answer them. Ask away!


  1. Such a fresh summery look, like daisies ''round the wrist! Love it.


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