More Assemblage from #The100DayProject

I am beyond tickled that I chose to do assemblage art for my 100 Day Project this year. Each day, I worked on something (small or large) toward an assemblage piece. And, even with the project now over, I'm slowly getting videos of many of them up on YouTube to share how they came together. As well, I don't plan on giving up the art either. I've found that I really enjoy pulling all of the treasures I've gathered and saved and hoarded into complete artworks. Two months ago, I shared the first of the videos I had up on YouTube of these assemblages. It's well past time that I make sure you see the rest of the ones that are available to watch now. 

Found Object Fairies

Mushroom Dwelling

Lucky Duck Pendant

Bubble Boy

Spool Case

Hexagon Button Box


Alphabet Soup

Wow, that was more of them than I thought. You should be able to click the pictures and/or captions to go to the videos. 
Which is your favorite?

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  1. Your assemblages are amazing! My favorite from this post are the bobbins and mushrooms but I also like the duck, the framed buttons and other bits. Each one is charming in its own way!

  2. I'm sorry but I can't pick a favorite. Every time I look at the next one it becomes my favorite! I love every one of them! I can just feel how much fun you had creating each and every one! 💕

    1. LOL! Well, I guess that's a good thing. Thank you, Mary! I'm looking forward to making more if I can find the time. It seems like there's always something else to get done. Isn't that always the way?


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