Bead Box 16 - Stocked

Holy Bead Box! How have I made it to number sixteen!? And, I don't see me stopping there either. Ha. Let me quickly explain my bead box for those of you who are just finding me (Hiiiiii! 👋👋) My bead box is a basic 17-compartment plastic organizer. I try to keep it stocked with one design per compartment to take with me when I travel or to use when I'm uninspired. It's come in very handy over the years. (I'll link all the other versions at the bottom of this post.) 

I like to share what I've packed into each of these boxes and then reveal how (and if) they came together. This particular iteration of the box was actually stocked at the end of June but I haven't touched it yet. I suppose that's a good sign that I've been inspired in other ways. However, now that I'm looking at these designs, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I packed the box. Luckily, I did sketch out a few of them (but not all of them 🤦‍♀️). Here's what I've got. 

This soldered word bubble, along with the beads, jump rings, and head pins will eventually become a necklace. I plan to use the larger beads as links for a chain and have the seed beads as dangles from the chain. Hopefully, this will echo the little loops on the outside of the charm. That's the idea anyway. 

The focal to this necklace is that house-shaped soldered china shard. My sketch shows a large jump ring and the larger shell bead dangle hanging within the loop. (I've just added the jumping.) The other beads will be used for the chain of the necklace. 

I seriously had to refer to my sketch to figure out what's supposed to be going on here. Of course, the soldered wire circles are part of the pendant. I'll have the soldered stone, the star, and a red bead dangling from them. The large red beads will also be used as part of the pendant while the small red ones and the silver beads will make up the chain. Easy enough, right?

I hardly ever create mismatched earrings, but that's the idea for these.

This simple mix of a word bubble and some pretty beads will make up a bracelet. 

I'm kinda tickled that I could match these greens so well. The green stone beads, glass pearls, and silver seed beads will become a pretty beaded chain for this found shard pendant. 

This shard charm in the shape of a heart is too neat not to use. While it would make a fine bracelet charm, I want it to be a bit more prominent, so it will be the solitary focal in a necklace. The selected beads and tin will be used in the chain. I expect to finish it out with some metal chain. 

By now you can probably tell that I focused on using some of my soldered bits for this box. I love this little quartz point but it needs a little something else with it. The wooden flower has been in my stash (along with a few others) for quite a while. I think they pair up nicely together for a focal (along with a few tiny bead dangles.) The other wood and glass beads will make up some of the handmade chain for this necklace. 

After so many necklace designs, I knew I needed to throw in a few earrings so I sifted through some brass charms in my stash. The little butterfly charms will dangle from some sort of stack of the other beads - maybe. 🤷‍♀️ I didn't sketch this one out. I'm sure it seemed like an obvious design at the time. I'll figure it out, I'm sure. 

This earring design seems a bit more obvious. I do love both the brass leaves and those turquoise-colored beads. These should turn out quite lovely and simple. 

There's one large compartment in the bead box, and that's where this design sits. The Lucky Duck Pendant was one of my assemblage projects for both my 100 Day Project and for Ina's #4Core. You can click the link to watch my tutorial on making it. It will be the focal piece to a green and black necklace chain with the beads gathered there. 

Back to the earring designs...These brass connectors will be wire-wrapped to the beads here - somehow. Again, I'll figure it out. 

THIS design I did sketch out. (Whew!!) I've had these pale, pale blue sequins for ages. I'm glad I'll be working them into a pair of earrings. I'll wire up and shape the sequins into a circle and the black beads will hang from the circles. They should be interesting. 

This little soldered stone along with those mother-of-pearl heishi beads and the little Czech glass melon beads will become a bracelet. I think it will be a cute little thing. 

I've moved those little alligator-skin-looking tin pieces around on my desk for a while now. The khaki-colored e-beads will be looped at the top of them for a pair of interesting earrings. They feel kinda safari-inspired. 

I really wish I had sketched out what I had in mind for these. I know they will be earrings...but beyond that, I have only inklings of what I intended. I have an idea of what I can do but am not sure if it was my original intent. I suppose it doesn't matter anymore.

The design for these earrings feels pretty obvious to me and doesn't need a sketch. They should be pretty cute when they're finished. 

And, that's what I have in mind for Bead Box 16. I haven't started on it at all yet as I've been so busy with ICAD and other projects. And, that's a good thing. This box isn't really intended for everyday use. I am itching to start on these now that I've been reminded of what's in it. Maybe another day! For now, here are the other Bead Box versions - stocked and reveals.

What do you think? Do any of these designs spark your interest? Are you curious about how they'll turn out? I'd really love to know. 


  1. oooh! so many goodies - look forward to seeing these finished!!

    1. Oh, I know! I completely forgot all the great stuff I had in here and now I'm having a hard time staying out of the box!! Ha. Thanks for popping by!

  2. Another fantastic bead box! I'd love to see what you make (I always do!. That big shard and the assemblage box look challenging :)

  3. I can see a lot of great designs in the works

    1. Aw, thanks, Divya! I'm pretty excited about quite a few of these. Thanks for the encouragement.


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