Bead Box 18 - Stocked

I think I mentioned in my last post that I had a new Bead Box packed up for an event that ended up not happening. Since I've already worked most of my way through it, I thought I ought to give you the peek I promised (before I need to stock it again for the March First Friday event!)

As you can see, this is a super basic, plastic organizer. Into each of the 17 compartments, I put the components I need to create a single design. This "bead box" comes in handy when I travel, have to sit in a waiting room, or just don't have the inspiration to design something new.

While I was rushing to get this box stocked, I didn't get individual pictures of the contents of each compartment. However, I can give you a better look and some idea of what I have planned to create. 

1 - A fancy soldered pendant, matching beads, and gunmetal chain will become a long necklace. 

2 - Tin discs, glass flower beads, brass leaves, and ball-end headpins are destined to become a neat pair of earrings. 

3 - Riveted tin pieces that look a bit like mushrooms are planned to hang from golden rings that need to be wrapped with small similarly-colored beads. These will be earrings.

4 - Yikes, you can't really see anything there can you? There's a pendant that I made and used in another necklace (that didn't work out) along with beads and chain that will become another long necklace. 

5 - Soldered glass teardrop beads and a mix of clear and golden beads are going to make a fun pair of earrings. 

6 - An interesting soldered pendant that features a soldered bubble, a piece of turquoise, and a chandelier crystal will be the focal of long necklace that includes turquoise chips, round glass beads, and antiqued silver chain. 

7 - For this one, I'll be using a fun focal that's made using tin and a glass bubble along with a bunch of small glass beads in black, light blue, and dark blue to create a short necklace. I'll use a bunch of eye pins to make the chain, rather than wire.

8 - Dome-shaped tin pieces and beads will be used to make a fun pair of earrings.

9 - The elements in this one are simple - soldered cultured sea glass pendant and some Chain Reaction from Jesse James Beads. These earrings will come together quickly.

10 - Those bright seed beads mean that these earrings will not be coming together as quickly. They're planned to be wrapped around a couple of large links of gunmetal-colored chain with a bright green teardrop bead hanging from the center.

11 - Again, this is hard to see. But, in that baggie are two brass bullet casings, a bunch of little bits of chain, beads, headpins, and golden earwires. These will be some fun, fringy earrings!

12 - That Gaea pendant will hopefully be connected to a short length of beaded chain, then brass chain via some leather loops. We'll see how this necklace works out. 

13 - Finally, a bracelet idea. I've got a button, waxed linen cord in green, and a mix of four different types of beads. I'm hoping this all turns into a multi-strand bracelet.

14 - Here, I've got a copper-colored charm along with pinky peach and clear beads. Again, I'm hoping for a bracelet.

15 - There's a Tim Holtz bar in there that will be the focal (hopefully) of a colorful bracelet on beading wire.

16 - Large metal components, tin, and stone beads are in this compartment. They should make a pair of large earrings.

17 - Finally, a mix of beads and a few buttons are all that are in here. I plan to use darkened copper wire to make a long necklace with them.

I know, this is a pretty awful post. But, what a surprise the reveal is going to be for you!

If you're interested in seeing some of my previous boxes and their reveals, here's the full list!

And, if you have any questions beyond the obvious (what the heck was she thinking!?), please don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you make, as always :) I love your soldered pieces, you inspire me to try soldering some day.


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