The 100 Day Project 2024

Yesterday, the 100 Day Project for 2024 started (it's not too late to join in!!) I mentioned last week that I would give you a heads-up about what my project is going to be. So here it is - I'm doing a #NotPreciousProject. Basically, I've got too much stuff. 

And, I've made it all "too precious" to use. That's just plain silly. So, I'm going to work on breaking through that mindset and USE some of it because most of it is not really precious. I'm just afraid of messing up. 

So that I don't get overwhelmed by ALL the things in my stash I've curated a small collection (above) to start me off on this year's 100-day journey. I plan to restock it as I use items and find more to try to use. 

I'm not limiting my use of these Precious items to any particular medium. I just want to use them, to give them purpose again! 

My goal is not to use 100 items or to make 100 things…it’s simply to spend 100 days consciously using those “precious” items in projects. And, the precious items may include anything I’ve deemed too precious to use: found objects, paints, papers, thrifted materials, new/purchased materials, whatever! 

This is my eighth year participating in #the100dayproject, and I love how it challenges me to keep thinking outside the box and moving forward. My previous projects have been

2017 - #Make100Earrings

2018 - #Altering100

2019 - #SilverloxFinds

2020 - #MakeArtDontFakeArt

2021 - #100DaysofMakingJewelry

2022 - #Assemblage100

2023 - #Making100Faces AND #MiniAssemblage100

If you want to see a quick video of some of my stash, you can check out this reel on Instagram.

So, are you participating in the project!? Let me know what you'll be doing for the next 100 days.

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  1. I will not participate this year, again :) But I love your approach to just make something, not necessarily a finished project.


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