Honest to Blog (FGF)

I've been thinking about my blog again in regard to the blogs I read. I find it quite obvious that many of the bloggers I follow are open and honest about EVERYTHING in their lives. Well, maybe we don’t know everything, but they write so it feels like it. No subject seems off limits. They talk about their religion or lack thereof, their sex lives, their political views, their families (with NAMES), what’s in their kids’ diapers, whether or not they’ve bathed, and on and on. And, for this, I LOVE THEM. Those bloggers who give out so much information, so readily, are the ones I read first on my feed list. They confess that they are human, make mistakes, and rejoice when they succeed. And we rejoice with them. Of course, the majority of them are ‘mommy bloggers’ and not crafty types. I’m not sure whether it matters. I do have some topics on which I feel I am not learned enough to discuss – mainly politics and well, mothering. Plus, there are other topics which I feel that I will be shunned if people learn certain things about me. However, I yearn to let myself talk freely, like I would with a friend, like I feel these other bloggers do. I want to be honest and open and let it all hang out. Am I ready for that? Are you?

Getting past that – Today is “Feel Good Friday”
What do I feel good about today? – Well, it’s Friday (first and foremost), I’m hanging out with some good friends for dinner tonight, Battlestar Gallactica returns tonight for its final season, and I’m staring down a whole weekend of possibilities.Here are some links for this feeling good kinda day:
  • Know you need to clean this weekend, but really don't wanna waste that time? Check out these tips on how to fake a clean house.
  • I just found this yesterday. It's a site put out by General Mills, but focuses on a healthy lifestyle, eating habits, etc. and is called Eat Better America. I want to explore it further, but right now - if you sign up for their newsletter, they'll send you $10 in coupons. So. . . information and other references on taking better care of yourself, PLUS saving money. I like it!
  • I also stumbled upon this site yesterday. This one's also sponsored by a large company, Hagen Daz. There's information and what not on saving the honey bees. I just wanted to pass it on. You know, doing my part. It's also a really cool site.
I hope that Friday is treating you well and you have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I still think it is so funny that you watch BSG. I know you are geek...but that is so super geeky. You know I still love you. :-) But I thought that they finished that series up. Have they brought it back or something?? Just curious. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Super geeky huh? What level are you in WoW?? I still love you too.

    No, this is the last season. It'll only be on for a few more episodes or whatever.

  3. "Plus, there are other topics which I feel that I will be shunned if people learn certain things about me."

    Hope, please, please, please share. I haven't shunned anybody all week ;) If you ever go to a weekend edition, I'd suggest "Shunnable Sunday." Heck, don't wait till Sunday; just post a list: things for which I will be shunned. At the very least, create a new blog label called "shun-worthy" so that I can skip to the good parts!!!

  4. My husband recommends that I not reveal all for the whole world wide web. There may be more info coming at a later time, but prob nothing shun-worthy.
    So, for now - you'll get what you get, and you'll like it!!!
    Can't wait to see you in a month or so.


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