Kitty Cat VooDoo

By a show of hands, who out there has a cat?
I LOVE my kitty, but she has been driving me nuts today. Well, nuts in the sweetest way possible.
Usually her attempts at making me crazy include: tearing around the house, doing skateboard tricks off the hallway walls, testing out the durability of the carpet with her claws, and meowing incessantly like she's locked in a closet or something (actually,she's better behaved when she's locked in a closet - accidentally, of course.)

Today, though, she can't seem to get enough of my lap. I've let her nap in it on and off all day while I've worked from home. But, every once in a while I want my lap bare so I can look over some work papers. As such, I've moved her off the lap. Before I know it, she's there again and I have NO IDEA how that happened.

I remember taking her off my lap and the disgruntled look she gave me. I remember her easing herself back toward my thighs. I remember her placing her little kitty paws ever so slightly on the top of my leg and resting the kitty head on those paws. After that, everything goes blank. Am I overcome by the cute factor? Is there some kitty voodoo that she does? Is she a ninja? Who know?
All I know is I currently have a whole, sleeping cat in my lap as I write this.
Heyyyy, she's purring.

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