Do You Really Have a Ball? (WWWW)

Oh, I did so good last night that I feel comfortable enough to actually post a bit.
See, my Mardi Gras Society is hosting its annual ball this weekend. As such, I have a long list of tasks that need to be completed in order to consider myself ready for it. These include: preparing food, getting my mask (yes) ready by attaching it to some old sunglasses and making a beaded chain, getting my props ready, getting my hair cut, ensuring I have all the necessary undergarments, delivering my guests' tickets, getting packed for the hotel, and on and on. Last night, I was able to complete quite a few of these tasks and I feel a lit better about it.

For those of you not "in the know" Mobile, AL celebrated Mardi Gras FIRST in America. Yes! American Mardi Gras began in ALABAMA, not Louisiana. The confusion comes because the celebration of Mardi Gras was stopped during the Civil War. Post-war, New Orleans began celebrating again before Mobile was able to, and are thus given the credit. Yet, the Mother of Mardi Gras is Mobile thankyouverymuch!!

Okay, that rant is over. You should see the one I started to post yesterday about coffee. It's NOT a good week to mess with me.
I did have a brainstorm of what my 'romantic valentine gesture' will be for LOML* this year. I may share this with you guys a little later as he doesn't read my blog (he has to put up with enough of my ranting and craziness in person.)

Speaking of craziness, it's "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday". Check out some of the cool and crazy stuff I've found on the interwebz:Lastly, I did post on the Fairy Creative blog today to check out my week in craft.
Here's the standard sneak peek.
Back to getting some stuff done. Happy day!!

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