Latest Jewelry Makes for Jesse James Beads Summer Bead Blast

I've been slacking in so many ways lately in sharing what I've been up to here. I recently posted several times about my mixed media art endeavors, but I've made some jewelry too! Hopefully, I'll be sharing a reveal of my most recent Bead Box makes, but I've made a few other things for Jesse James Beads and their Summer Bead Blast challenge. Here's a look at the pieces that have video tutorials. Clicking the picture and/or caption should take you to the tutorial. 

Simple Connection Earrings

Bead and Button Bracelet

Aromatherapy Car Charm

DIY Charm Pendant Necklace

And, that about covers the pieces with tutorials. I've also shared several more makes on Instagram if you want to take a peek over there too. And, there are several weeks left of the JJB Summer Bead Blast if you're interested in a fun challenge. 

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