What Did You Think You Asked Me To Do?

Hi there! I'm currently not in the best of moods as I've been asked to sit at the front desk again for the rest of the day so that the boss' wife and the receptionist can both leave early to pick up their children.
I must be PMSing because the request sounded to me a lot like, "Well, since you've got a uterus that apprently doesn't work, why don't we put you to good use answering phones. That's what you vagina-people like to do isn't it? Answer phones?"

Aggghhh. Now I'm NOT at my desk, NOT at my computer, and NOT doing my job - I figured I might as well vent about the situation on my blog. Yet, I'm still not feeling better. Oh well, guess I'll start reading craft and recipe blogs. We vagina-people like those things too!!


  1. Sounds like you could use a dose of Sarah Haskins: http://jezebel.com/5021884/brides-botox--yogurt-sarah-haskins-targets-those-who-target-women

  2. I hate feeling like that, when women do things that make you feel bad that you dont have a child.

    I would like to have a kid in a couple years, but just not ready yet.

  3. Ellen and Susangalique - Thanks for the support. I needed some kind words from like-minded sisters. Thanks You!!


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