Not Really Much to Say, But It Is WWWW

Last night, I went to the second funeral in a week. This one was simply a memorial. Touching, inspiring, and healing words were said and some Lynyrd Skynyrd was played (I live in Alabama people.) It was short and heartfelt, a fitting service for closure and beginnings.

As I ended up visiting with my mom for some time following the service, I didn't make it home early enough to work on the craft room. I hope to make it up tonight. Of course, it is also Project Runway night. So. . . well. . . I'll make it work!! ;)

Since there's not much else I can say, I'll get right to "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"
Here's hoping I made your Wednesday a little more wild.


  1. Hope, great finds for this WWWW. I love the secret passage company. The high heels for baby is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. Here at the firm, we have a name for such companies: clients ;)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I LOVED the baby heels, can't stop laughing about them. Of course, I've got a few friends who would think they're awesome and actually out them on their kids. They know who they are.


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