October 4Core Challenge Project Reveal

I've mentioned the 4Core Challenge from Ina Solsbery several times in my monthly challenge list. It's one that I really love. Each month, Ina issues a mixed media art challenge that must include four core (4core) ingredients. Your medium can be anything, 2D or 3D.  This month, I went for a necklace.

 Ina's four prompts were: 

  1. Aware Beware Danger
  2. Crackles, Rips, Broken, or Damaged
  3. Crescent or half-moon shape
  4. Spider
I began by recognizing that the spider prompt was going to be tough for me as I'm arachnophobic. So, I let that slide, figuring I could come up with something later. In the meantime, the crescent shape occupied my mind. I realized that I still had a few golden brass crescent connectors from Patina Queen in my stash. With that, it was easy to recognize that I needed to make jewelry. 

So, I stuffed some dandelion fluff into a small glass jar that I altered with alcohol ink. The fluff kinda looks like spider webbing, and I made a label using rub-ons with the word beware on it. I soldered the jar closed and added an arc of wire to help connect it to the crescent. The label was altered with inks and crackle paste to complete all the prompts.

The chain of the necklace is a simple metal chain to which I added a few gold beads on gunmetal wire - to get the mixed metal look of the pendant. 

It's a darling necklace, just perfect for spooky season! To get a better idea of how the pendant came together, you can watch my Beware Spider Webs Necklace video on YouTube. 

And, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!
So, how would you have handled these four prompts?


  1. I have not seen many non-costumey Halloween jewellery. Your necklace would definetely make the list.

    1. Aw, thank you! I really love this necklace too. Yet, I didn't wear it yesterday at all. I did consider it but it clashed with the very bright orange, glow-in-the-dark shirt I was wearing (a gift from my mom). Ha!


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