Thrifty Thursday

This past week, I helped my mom clean out an old truck of my grandmother's and took a pile of mementos home with me. As well, I visited an estate sale with a friend and made some fun scores.

You can get a better look at everything I brought home in my latest Thrifty Thursday Video on YouTube.

Have you had any luck thrifting lately?


  1. I think that the stole/table cloth looks really beautiful that you could wear even now. The metal findings are a score. I am sure that you will make lots of earrings/pendants with them. The crystal stoppers are cute; a beaded wire wrap or a wire cage bail would make them wearable.

    1. I'm glad and relieved that you see so much value in the bits I picked up too. Sometimes I wonder if it's just me that sees it. Thank you!


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