Art Journal Videos in October

 If you're interested in my Mixed Media and Art Journaling endeavors, I like to do a monthly roundup of what you may have missed over on the YouTube Channel. For the next year or so, it looks like these roundups will consist mostly of my new #CraftyHopePrompts series, which has me working on building and using a prompt deck for the 52 weeks in a year.

Let's begin with that, then get to what else I created in October.

Week 1 Card - Silver, Geometric, Hole Punch

Week 1 Project - Tags

Week 2 Card - Gelli Print, Letter/number sticker, Junk mail 

Week 2 Project - Art Journal Spread

Week 3 Card - Spray Ink, Collage, Cardstock

Week 3 Project - Shadowbox

Week 4 Card- Feather, Watercolor Pencils, Mark-making

Week 4 Project - Junk Journal Page

I've already revealed the week 5 card/prompts but will save that for next month's roundup. I have created a page here with the weekly prompts and links to the videos if you'd rather keep up that way. I'll try to keep it updated. 

The only other art journaling video that I shared on YouTube was my contribution to Mixed Media Menagerie.

Art Journal Pages for Mixed Media Menagerie

That was it for October for the most part. Make sure you're subscribed to the CraftyHope YouTube channel and hit the bell icon so you get notifications when I post new videos. You don't want to miss anything, do you? 😜

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