November Challenges & Inspirations

 Can you even believe that it's November? Where has the year gone? Let's not ponder that too long as there's still so much to do. Right now, I'm talking about the challenges that I enjoy participating in each month. It's time for me to round them up and encourage you to join in with some of this inspiration.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is my own mixed media prompt challenge - #CraftyHopePrompts. It's a weekly opportunity for me to create using some of the supplies in my stash. You can get a better idea about it in my latest video: Mixed Media Prompt Card Week 6. There are a variety of different ways to play with this challenge. I hope you'll ask me if you have any questions.
  • Now, the challenge with the soonest reveal date is the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge from Angela of Pirate Pretties Jewelry. This is a birthstone jewelry challenge with four guidelines: use the birthstone color of either citrine or yellow topaz, include gold or bronze metal, make earrings, and (optionally) incorporate the fun elements of sun, moon, or stars. The reveal date is the 15th on YouTube and/or in the Pirate Pretties Facebook group
  • Another jewelry challenge is the Honey Do List from Srajo and Eric of SJ Designs Jewelry. Eric shares a photo he's taken to inspire Sarajo, and she shares it with us. The November inspiration is moody and mysterious. I love it! She's set the reveal date as Nov. 21st. However, the link tool is usually open for several weeks after that, if you're running behind. 
  • I love the #4Core challenge from Ina Solsbery. She offers up the challenge of using four core ingredients in a mixed media piece. This month, those are 1-remake, redo, reinvent something (she explains this in depth in her video), 2- add something that flies or represents flight, 3- triangles, and 4- submit before & after photos to her email (in the video description).
  • There's also Mixed Media Menagerie from Laura, Nicole, and Erin. This is an art journal challenge in which you incorporate their three prompts into your work. This month, the prompts are earth tones, gouache, and toothbrush. You can share your results using the hashtag #MMMNov22 on social media. 
I know there are a few other challenges I'm leaving out - Halcraft's pretty palettes and a few others, I'm sure. But the ones above are the ones I'm most likely to participate in. What about you? Is there anything that will spark your creativity, in particular, this month?

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