November Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge Reveal

The fifteenth of each month is the reveal day for the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge. This is a birthstone challenge from Angela of Pirate Pretties Jewelry. She sets several criteria that include the month's birthstone color(s), metal type options, a project type, and optional fun elements. For November, the colors are citrine or yellow topaz, the metal types are gold or bronze, the project type is earrings, and the fun elements are sun, moon, and/or stars. This is what I created with these prompts.

I was totally surprised at how quickly these came together once I discovered the citrine drops in my stash. I went straight for the sun connectors that I knew I had and found the rings nearby in the same drawer. Both of those elements are from Patina Queen

I am well aware that I would have NEVER combined these elements without this challenge. The colors are too...matchy-matchy for my usual tastes. But, they work wonderfully in these earrings. That's the beauty of challenges like these. They help you think beyond what you would usually do. 

Of course, I created a video of the quick process of making these earrings

What would you or did you make for this challenge? 


  1. What a lovely pair of earrings! Yes, the citrine drops make all the difference but I also like the other components. Now I think I need more ready-made connectors :)

  2. While these earrings are not typically Crafty Hope, they are stunning. Even though they are simple, they are elegant and timeless and might go with a whole lot of outfits.

    1. Yes, these are definitely not something I would traditionally make without the prompt. But, I still think that they have a touch of the dainty romantic feel that much of my jewelry has. And yes, they would totally go with so much - they're neutral and cool. Thanks!!


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