Meal Plan and Recipe Review

Over the weekend I made a big step for my business. . .at least for me. I'm really excited about it but not quite ready yet to spill all the details. Hopefully I'll have them all for you by the end of the week! In the meantime, let's talk food! Actually, there won't be much of that either since Pat and I have a super-busy week ahead. In fact, there's only three dinners that I'll be home to make this week. How crazy is that!? I hope they're good.

Breakfasts: Smoothies, Cereal, Grits/Oatmeal, Yogurt w/granola

Lunches: Soup w/cheese quesidillas, PB&J, Calzones, Bean burritos, Tuna noodles

School Soup


Recipe Review

General Tso's Tofu: This has become a favorite in our house. It's pretty easy and totally yummy. I absolutely recommend it!

Chicken tortilla soup with chipotle & fire roasted tomatoes: I actually didn't eat this soup when I made it. I had dinner with a friend and threw this together real quick for Pat before I left. He said he really enjoyed it. I like that it came together so quickly! We had the leftovers today for lunch and I loved the spiciness and smoky chipotle flavor. I may make it again, but I think I might add some black beans or corn to it to give it a bit more somethin' somethin'.

Now to get back to work on this awesome new venture, at least I hope it's awesome. In the meantime, tell me what deliciousness you've made recently!

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  1. The eating habits in our household are not that healthy but I've been thinking to give tofu a try... some day :)


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