Thrift and Craft Store Hauls

Y'all, I'm just popping in real quick to share a video I made last week with some of my latest thrift and craft store hauls.

Of course, right after I uploaded that video (with two separate hauls), I found this stack of goodies on the library's free shelf.
There were travel brochures, a neat couple of books, and that small catalog that has great old ads in it.
I apologize for this being a short post, but I am trying to get back on track with the blog. I've got a huge list of ideas. Now if I could just commit and post already! This is a start.

Anyway, what goodies have you found thrifting and shopping lately?


  1. Unfortunately, I have refrained from bead shopping or thrifting for some time and it was a pleasure watching your video :)

  2. How neat! Those are some fun finds! I haven't been thrifting lately but now I want to go :)

    1. Jenn, Thanks! I have to be careful anytime I see someone else's finds too. It makes me want to head out right away! ;)


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