Whew! Catching Up (TRT)

That was TOTALLY unintentional!! I had planned to blog but a whole host of other activities got in the way. I've been a busy girl:

First there was all the planning, shopping, packing, and driving to Grand Assembly in Birmingham. (Sorry Ben, I had NO free time to visit but would have loved to have seen y'all, trust me!!) Then there was the full weekend of Grand Assembly activities before heading home.

On the way home, I picked up half brother #2 (out of 3.) He and I got to pal around for two days (and go to the Harry Potter midnight showing) before the other two came for a visit. I also had the nieces that day. We had a blast and everyone got along so very well (see picture at top). Then brother #1 took #2 home while #3 got to stay for a few more days. Then, it was back to Verbena to take him home and a frantic drive back to Fairhope so I could have Margarita Friday with LOML.

The weekend was spent making gumbo with my mom and then a pool party at Wigenout's house for a Mobile Al Tweetup. Yes, it was a bunch of people who twitter relaxing in the pool and grilling out (that was before we started playing Rock Band.) Sunday was a complete day with LOML at last: brunch, the beach, dinner and beers, then another showing of Harry Potter (he hadn't seen it yet.)

It was back to the grind yesterday. And, I'm trying to get back in a routine today.Through all of that, I was as crafty as I could be: I made some handmade gifts for Grand Assembly and crafted at the beach the other day. Hopefully, I'll get back in the swing of that as soon as I can get the craft room in order. I'm a little scared of it right now. REALLY!
It's "Totally Random Tuesday" so here's some of the internet I found interesting:
Okay, so that's long enough. I just NEED to get this posted. I'll be back ASAP.

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