Three Days for the Fourth (MMSM)

What a lovely little three-day weekend we had. Summary:

☼A full day of shopping to find a beautiful dress
☼Only a coupla margaritas (reduces the chance of suffering the next day, if you keep the number low)
☼Mama's Ribs, MawMaw's potato salad, and Ree's death by chocolate
☼Watermelon Jello shots
☼Two little girls who only seem to get along while they are in the water
☼Eight(at least) fireworks displays from a single spot on the beach
☼Pancakes the size of dinner plates (Mac & Jerry's in Robertsdale)
☼Breezy Fairhope Beach (me: crafting, LOML: windsurfing)
☼Italian food at the G place
☼The entertaining awkwardness that was the G-place's attempts to close
☼Retaining my 'cheap date' status with a trip to the bookstore
☼Losing that status with the purchase of 2 tickets for Transformers 2 (a TOTAL waste of money!!)
☼Starting the week off right by working out first thing!
☼A/C in the office!!

And now for some "Made Me Smile Monday":
I hope your 4th was enjoyed as well; and hope that you and I have as smooth and fun a week!!


  1. I'm glad to see your back and blogging, and I'm even happier to hear about your Mawmaw!

  2. Thanks Ben, I'm gonna try to stay steady; but you know- life gets in the way sometimes.

  3. Hey! Saw your comment on So give me the details (email me at dot @ How were you subscribed before? Through Blogger's followers, or the regular RSS feed? And how did you resubscribe? I'm trying to figure out exactly what went wrong :)

    And I'd like to post an update on how to fix it.



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