Weekend Run-Down & Mother's Day (MMSM)

The weekend started with a BANG. Dinner at our favorite restaurant with our favorite beer. And, then a great show by 311.

Saturday, we played mini golf with my Mardi Gras society. One of my best friends and her family (husband and daughter) teamed up with LOML and I. We had a really nice time, except for the heat. Then, I took the nieces out shopping for Mother's Day gifts. That was an adventure! I didn't get all my shopping done though. I headed home, for some time at the bookstore and then to see Wolverine.

Of course, Sunday was Mother's Day. I got to visit both with LOML's family and mine. I was not too crafty with the gifts this year. Being ill all week kept me down. So, I made a couple of cards for my mom and grandmother and gave them store-bought gifts. What's funnier is LOML's gift to his mom was craftier than mine. He framed a picture he took in the area for her. I think she really liked it. I, on the other hand, was a crafty FAIL.

How was Mother's Day for you? I've already seen two other friends' blog who lamented the fact they they, as well, do not have children at an age that they feel they should. It comforts me some to know that there are others going through some of the same emotions I am about the day.

And then, I didn't want to wake up this morning because I was dreaming I was pregnant. I'm sad, I know!!

In other news, LOML and I bought a wok yesterday. I'm itching to cook something in it and can't seem to find a decent, easy, and concise recipe. Anybody got something I can try? I'm tempted to just do it my own way. That could be disastrous. Let me know if you've got any great Wok recipes.

Now for some Monday fun - "Made Me Smile Monday"
No pictures again today, I apologize. I hope your Monday is treating you nicely!!


  1. My kids and I are cracking up over the wild side video. I think they have watched it about 10 times. Like all your other videos too.

    Good day!!

  2. I'm so glad you liked that one. I had to share it. It's too cute.


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