Personal and Printer Illness (ThTh)

Prepare yourself - this will be a long one since I've been absent a few days.
It's been a rough week for me. I've felt crappy. I've been moody. As such, I thought that maybe I was pregnant. Initial tests have produced a negative result. But the alternative has yet to show its face. Instead, I just feel awful and am moody. In other words, I'm probably just sick. Oh well! The attempts to become pregnant right now are not whole-hearted. If I become 'in the family way' within the next five months or so, it produces problems for me at my Mardi Gras Ball. It's just one of those things. I won't be disappointed either way right now. After the ball - I'll be back to daily crying fits. FUN!!

Moving on, I'm having printer issues. We're out of yellow [or banana or whatever that C-word is the printer companies use for it (not cLEMON), WAIT that's the blue one - yellow is just yellow - I apologize] toner at work. So, I decided to print some stuff I needed for work at home. Of course, the printer here hates me too. It will start to print a document, then it stops, yawns, turns in a circle a few times, and proceeds to nap. When it eventually wakes, it spews out whatever was there when it went to sleep (i.e. NOT the full document.) LOML says he can help me when he gets done working today, but he's not even exactly sure why it's acting that way either. I tried getting closer to it (it's wireless), but that didn't help ANY. It's really upsetting, because it's a new printer that LOML JUST got because I wanted a wireless one with a scanner. This SUX!!

Before I share some Thrifty Thursday links, I want to share my thrifting finds from Saturday's yard sale venture.

Now for the "Thrifty Thursday" links you've been waiting for:
  • Check out this repourposed trophy birthday cake topper. I've never thought of re-painting a trophy, but this really seems to work and be just cool/cheesy enough.
  • I'm always saving glass jars. Here's one way to re-use them: turn glass jars into photo frames. It really does make a neat display.
  • Here are two really cool organization/storage ideas that incorporate recycling - LOVE it. From Better homes and Gardens no less. - (1) - use old tins - (2) use paint or soup cans. Cool huh?
  • This yard sale treasure map (awesome!!) is now a part of my weekly online activity. It incorporates yard sale listings from Craigslist with GoogleMaps to map out your yard sale route. I've found a few quirks in it, but overall it's pretty cool.
  • As well, I even found this other garage sale lister today.
So, that's if for now. Tune in tomorrow to hear me complain some more. OR, I might surprise you with something positive. You never know!!


  1. I can't believe you found a spirograph. That rocks. I had one when I was younger and loved it! I want to come play!

  2. Jules - THAT is more than just a spirograph. It's a 3D Spirograph. You're welcome over any time to play though!!

  3. Oh! The spirograph! LOVE IT :)

  4. Spirographs have a special place in my heart. For a little while, the band that my husband was in (right when we started dating) was named Spirograph. Ahhh, the good ole days


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